Land Tawney, President and CEO


Tim Brass, State Policy and Field Operations Director

John Gale, Conservation Director

Frankie McBurney Olson, Director of Operations 

Katie McKalip, Communications Director 


Tim Brass, State Policy and Field Operations Director

Chris Hennessey, Regional Manager and Chapter Coordinator (NY, PA, New England, Capital) 

Josh Kuntz, Regional Manager and Chapter Coordinator (ID)

Ty Stubblefield, Chapter Coordinator and New Chapter Development (AB, AK, BC, MO, ND, SD)

Sawyer Connelly, Campus Outreach Coordinator 

Trey Curtiss, R3 Coordinator

Katie DeLorenzo, Southwest Chapter Coordinator (AZ, UT, NM, TX)

Kevin Farron, Montana Chapter Coordinator (MT)

Josh Kaywood, Southeast and North Carolina Chapter Coordinator (LA, TN, AR, AL, FL, NC, MS)

Russell Kuhlman, California and Nevada Chapter Coordinator (CA, NV)

Jason Meekhof, Upper Great Lakes Chapter Coordinator (MN, WI, MI, OH)

Jesse Salsberry, Northwest Chapter Coordinator & Video Production Assistant (WA, OR)

Brien Webster, Colorado and Wyoming Chapter Coordinator  (CO, WY)


John Gale, Conservation Director

Aliah Adams Knopff, Western Canada Coordinator 

Ace Hess, High Divide Coordinator 

Rob Parkins, Public Waters Access Coordinator 

Julia Peebles, Government Relations Manager


Katie McKalip, Communications Director 

Walker Conyngham, Communications Coordinator 

Zack Williams, Backcountry Journal Editor 

Robert Yagid, Digital Media Coordinator 


Frankie McBurney Olson, Director of Operations 

Grant Alban, Corporate Sponsorship and Special Events 

Todd Barton, Director of Development

Caitlin Frisbie, Operations Associate and Special Assistant to the President

Molly Mohan, Bookkeeper

Ryan Silcox, Membership Coordinator 

Ty Smail, Merchandise Coordinator 

Dylan Snyder, Operations Assistant 

Gerhardt Soeffker, Grants and Operations Assistant

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