Events Assistant

Harrison Stasik

Born and raised outside of Milwaukee, Harrison carries on his family's passion for the outdoors as a third generation Wisconsin hunter and angler. His passion for the outdoors led him to graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Wildlife Ecology & Management degree and dual minors in Biology and Captive Wildlife. While attending UW-Stevens Point, Harrison was introduced to Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and became the Chair of his university's collegiate chapter. The organization and the events that he attended had such impact on his life that he now finds himself living in Montana, striving to host events that inspire North America's conservationists the same way he was inspired.

When Harrison is not in the office he can be found chasing ducks on the Mississippi flyway, bow hunting White-tailed Deer from a tree stand on Midwest public lands, and now seeking western game, all while in pursuit of completing his North American Grand Slam of big game species. Despite his dedication to spending time in the field, he also enjoys world traveling, reveling in adrenaline-seeking activities, and testing his wild game culinary skills.

Contact Harrison:

Phone: (414)-469-1303

[email protected]