OK BHA Pilot CWD Program on Wild Deer

Oklahoma BHA Members, 

HB3462 has advanced to Governor Stitt’s office and will likely be considered this coming week.  IF passed, the bill would initiate a program involving captive bred deer and integrating them into our wild, huntable, population.  This legislation passed both the House and Senate but appears to have no support from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

The intent of the legislation is to potentially combat Chronic Wasting Disease. Our OK BHA Board is certainly concerned about CWD and would support implementing solutions to enhance the overall health of deer.  However, this bill calls for a program launch well before this tactic has been proven effective and safe among wild populations.  There are also many concerns about the additional risks associated with blending captive animals and wild populations.  Disease, unnatural genetic influences, etc., are at the top of that list.  

As hunters, and advocates for wildlife in Oklahoma, we simply cannot afford to gamble on unproven practices with one of our most treasured resources.

Please consider contacting Governor Stitt and request a VETO for HB3462.  CLICK HERE for his website. 

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