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Much of the work BHA does depends on partnership with businesses that both support and depend on public lands. Whether it's a brand that focuses on creating the best outdoor gear possible, an adventure organization that takes people into our wild backcountry, or simply an organization that finds value in the 640 million acres of public land in the United States and 2.2 billion acres of Crown lands in Canada, we're excited and grateful to work with such a diverse and ethical group of sponsors. Your support means our membership can keep working to keep public lands and waters in public hands. 

If your business is interested in joining us in supporting public lands, reach out to Josh Mills here.

Platinum Plus Corporate Partners


First Lite has been a partner of BHA for years. Based in Ketchum, Idaho, First Lite makes incredible merino wool products that are not only extremely comfortable, but also don’t get stinky when you’ve been hoofing it in the backcountry for days on end. Visiting the First Lite office is always a good time. Upon entering, you’re greeted by dogs and a bunch of young staff members who all happen to be hunters, anglers and BHA members. First Lite has been an outspoken proponent of our wild public lands and our need to protect them. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a partner of BHA.


 HuntStand has spent the last 10 years developing an indispensable toolset for hunting, habitat management and land ownership. We’ve combined advanced mapping, premium satellite layers and dozens of useful features to create something that has revolutionized the way millions of Americans hunt. We believe in the continued growth and preservation of hunting and the shooting sports. HuntStand is proud to partner with brands that align with this vision and support charitable organizations that are working tirelessly to protect the future of the sport that we love.


OnX has created something that has revolutionized the hunting and fishing world – they’ve made it possible to know exactly where you are, what the regulations are, and who owns the land, wherever you go. You no longer have to wonder if that giant muley buck is on public, or if the state owns the land along a section of river. What’s more, they’ve recognized that you have to have public land to care where it is, and for that reason, they’ve supported BHA for years. Located in Missoula, Montana, their staff are made up of BHA members and outdoorspeople who get out and experience our wild public lands daily.



This company, based in Wisconsin, is all-in on conservation and we couldn’t be happier to have them as a partner. Whether you’re looking for entry level binos or top-of-the-line glass, Vortex has what you’re looking for. Better yet, you can purchase their great products and know that a good chunk of the proceeds are going back to protect your public lands.



  As soon as you harvest game or fish, Walton’s is there as your partner in meat processing. “Everything but the meat” is their slogan and it can’t describe them any better as their selection of anything you need to process your game is unrivaled. Seasonings, packaging, casings, equipment and so much more. From the field to your table, Walton’s is an excellent choice to elevate your meat processing game. 

Platinum Corporate Partners

 If you have a car, you're an explorer. That car can easily carry exactly what you need for a night out, a weeklong road trip, or a year of aimless journeying. At Dometic, we equip vehicles for independent travel. With power, shelter, cooling, and cooking, a car can really go far. Yours too. With you in it.


Duck Camp makes premium outdoor goods for every Cast and every Blast. We specialize in hunting and fishing apparel that will withstand the test of time in the field, on the bow of a boat, or out on the town. Discover your new favorite outdoor gear. Find Your Camp. 





Gerber_Primary_Logo_CMYK.PNGGerber Gear, based in Oregon, joined BHA as a Platinum partner in 2019 and are helping us grow our membership by donating incredible knives, axes, eating utensils and fishing gear. The staff at Gerber Gear is legit and many are BHA members. Click on their logo to visit their website to see the incredible products that they produce, and know that by supporting Gerber Gear you’re supporting the growth of BHA and the protection of our wild places.


Grundens says ‘We Are Fishing’. They believe that fishing feeds us all, both physically and emotionally. It’s their livelihood and it’s their passion. With nearly 100 years of company history and know how they have supported anglers in the harshest environments in the world. Grundens is excited to pair with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in the protection of the wild lands, waters, and wildlife across North America.


For over 70 years Irish Setter has made durable, reliable and comfortable boots for those who get after it all day, every day. To sustain our storied heritage long into the future and do our part to protect and preserve the environment, we are committed to incorporating sustainable materials into our products, and to supporting conservation efforts to protect public lands, so that generations to come will get to enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors as much as we do today.



MM_Logo_01_Pink.jpgWe’re proud to have Montana Mex and its founder, Eduardo Garcia, as a platinum partner. They’ve supported BHA for years through storytelling centered around cooking and food. Their line of spices and sauces are incredible and can help turn your wild game dish into something truly special. Keep an eye out for Montana Mex products in your local grocery or order on line – and definitely watch out for the next BHA/Montana Mex cooking demonstration.






Mountain House is excited to announce its new partnership with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. The partnership with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers aims to promote sustainable hunting and fishing practices, while reflecting Mountain House's dedication to environmental conservation and outdoor education.

With a reputation for producing tasty and long-lasting meals, Mountain House offers a wide range of options to suit any outdoor activity, from camping and hiking to hunting and fishing. Their meals are perfect for anyone looking for convenient, delicious, and nutritious food while exploring the great outdoors.


In this world, there are people who live the strenuous life—long, hard days outside in punishing conditions—and there are companies that make their gear. From the battlefield to the backcountry, from the edge of a raging wildfire to the top of a 15,000-foot peak, MYSTERY RANCH supplies these stalwart souls with backpacks to match their boldness.

Conceived in the Rocky Mountains and used all over the world, MYSTERY RANCH packs have always had a single purpose: to minimize the burden on your back. Which in turn maximizes your strength, speed, and overall performance—as a soldier, firefighter, hunter, skier, climber, or whatever bold and strenuous activity you call your own.



NRS_Marketing_Logo_Black_copy.jpgNRS, or Northwest River Supply, has been a brand associated with western whitewater and fishing for decades. We’re proud to have NRS as a partner and they’re excited to help us address public water access issues around the country. For while their self-bailing rafts are great for big western rivers, they’ve got a plethora of other watercraft in their product lineup that can help you get on public water no matter where you live.




Savage_Main_WRB.jpgSavage Arms, founded in 1894, started selling their model 99 in 1899 and by 1960 had sold 1 million of them. Today, Savage has reinvented themselves and now carry over 200 models of firearms – everything from single shot rifles to bear and wild pig guns. They make incredible bolt actions that won’t break the bank while also producing ultralight mountain rifles that would be welcome on any sheep hunt. Their commitment to public lands and BHA is outstanding.


If you don’t already know Angie and Kevin Timm of Seek Outside, you should get to know them. This couple, the founders of Seek Outside, are amazing, cool, down-to-earth couple who started Seek Outside in their own garage on the west slope of Colorado. The tipis they make – along with their insanely light titanium stoves – have been a game changer for backcountry hunters the world over. Hot tenting is the real deal. You can hunt till dark in rain or snow with the confidence that you can dry off and warm up in your Seek Outside tipi and stove combo.


Based in Bozeman, Montana, USA, Simms built their first pair of fishing waders in 1980 and the world's first GORE-TEX breathable waders soon thereafter. Since then, we've made quality fishing gear for anglers of all stripes and all points of the globe, from tournament bass anglers and professional fishing guides to kids just getting into fishing. Like you, we’ve come to realize that fishing isn’t a pastime. It’s not a hobby. And it’s not a sport. Fishing is a way of life. And we firmly believe we all owe it to ourselves to make as much time as possible to do the things we truly live for. After all, you get one life. #FishItWell.


Imagine if someone put the same time, thought, and effort into designing fishing apparel that you put into finding fish. Someone did; we’re Skwala. We make thoughtful, dependable, comfortable gear—so meticulously built and thoroughly tested that you hardly notice it. Allowing you to focus on more important things, like fishing. 


It’s been over 10 years since Yeti introduced the Tundra cooler – which was such a massive upgrade over other coolers that it revolutionized the industry. Not content to just sell bomber coolers, they recognized the need to get seriously involved in conservation and today they support dozens of conservation organizations across the country. BHA members recognize that the Yeti Tundra is the sportsmen’s choice – especially if you’re planning a multi-day float – or need your ice to last a week or more. They donate generously to our organization and have been an amazing conservation partner in our effort to protect public lands.

Weatherby.pngWeatherby, located in Sheridan, Wyoming, has been an iconic American firearms company since Roy Weatherby founded it in 1945. Previously known for their well-crafted Mark V rifles and for their magnum line of rounds, Weatherby has redefined their role in the firearms space by making some of the most cutting-edge rifles found anywhere. They’ve also created some new calibers like that are suited perfectly for the backcountry hunter. They donate generously to BHA and we very much appreciate their support of our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.





Weston is proud to support the conservation efforts of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.  Preserving pristine lands for hunting, fishing, foraging and farming ensures a healthy food supply for generations. Weston’s durable products give you control over the processing, preservation, and preparation of your bounty, from both field and farm. From grinders, slicers, saws and strainers for processing, to vacuum sealers, canning equipment and dehydrators for preservation, and slow cookers and smokers for preparation, Weston is uniquely positioned to help you throughout the entire cycle. Be confident your food will have the best flavor, longevity, and nourishment for your family for years to come.

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