Corporate Partners

Much of the work BHA does depends on partnership with businesses that both support and depend on public lands. Whether it's a brand that focuses on creating the best outdoor gear possible, an adventure organization that takes people into our wild backcountry, or simply an organization that finds value in the 640 million acres of public land, we're excited and grateful to work with such a diverse and ethical group of sponsors. 

If your business is interested in joining us in supporting public lands, reach out to Grant Alban here.

Platinum Plus Corporate Partners


Filson joined as a Platinum level corporate partner in 2018 and had an immediate impact. They sponsored our Campfire Stories, and since the Rendezvous storytelling, have opened up their stores around the country where we’ve given BHA members the opportunity to tell amazing tells about experiences from our public lands and waters. So many of these events begin with speakers talking about how their dad – or grandpa – wore Filson and how that clothing has been passed down to them. We want to thank Filson for helping us pass along mankind’s greatest tradition, the telling of stories.


First Lite has been a partner of BHA for years. Based in Ketchum, Idaho, First Lite makes incredible merino wool products that are not only extremely comfortable, but also don’t get stinky when you’ve been hoofing it in the backcountry for days on end. Visiting the First Lite office is always a good time. Upon entering, you’re greeted by dogs and a bunch of young staff members who all happen to be hunters, anglers and BHA members. First Lite has been an outspoken proponent of our wild public lands and our need to protect them. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a partner of BHA.


If you’ve had a chance to meet the team at goHUNT you know what a great team they’ve got there. These guys know how to have fun and they also have ALL the details on tags, deadlines, regs and everything you could possibly want to know about applying for that special tag. They also have an amazing online store. What’s more, goHUNT is helping us grow our membership by offering to buy memberships for those who sign up with them. Click on their logo and get lost in their website for awhile. It’s fun.

Stanley_Wingbear_Logo_1913_K.pngRemember that old green bottle with the handle and lid cup that your grandpa always had rolling around on the floorboards of his truck? That’s Stanley. Stanley has been in the business of keeping your drinks hot (or cold) for a long time and are now stepping up to help BHA in our efforts to protect those wild places, like intermittent ponds, where you really want to have a hot drink while you sit in a blind waiting for the geese to come in.

Traeger.pngStep aside barbecues, Traeger Grills just changed the game. With their incredible products, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and bbq. Impress your non-hunting friends by cooking up deer backstrap that blows regular old beef out of the water. Traeger is stepping up big time this year by donating tons of product to help our chapters grow membership and raise money. Click on their logo to see what they have to offer.


Every time we reach out to Vortex asking for product to use at an event they say yes. This company, based in Wisconsin, is all-in on conservation and we couldn’t be happier to have them as a partner. Whether you’re looking for entry level binos or top-of-the-line glass, Vortex has what you’re looking for. Better yet, you can purchase their great products and know that a good chunk of the proceeds are going back to protect your public lands.


Platinum Corporate Partners

Gerber_Primary_Logo_CMYK.PNGGerber Gear, based in Oregon, joined BHA as a Platinum partner in 2019 and are helping us grow our membership by donating incredible knives, axes, eating utensils and fishing gear. The staff at Gerber Gear is legit and many are BHA members. Click on their logo to visit their website to see the incredible products that they produce, and know that by supporting Gerber Gear you’re supporting the growth of BHA and the protection of our wild places.


Another amazing platinum partner of BHA, Leupold steps up time and again to support conservation. Last year they put out an incredible pair of binoculars with First Lite and donated proceeds to BHA. The check they delivered was substantial. Over the years their name has become synonymous with quality and we can’t thank them enough for providing their legendary products and gear to help us further our mission. They also sponsor our good friend, Randy Newberg, too – which is pretty cool.


Some big beer brands don’t want to partner with sportsmen’s groups, but not New Belgium. This Fort Collins (and Asheville, NC) based company is employee owned and they care about public lands in a big way. And a lot of their employees are BHA, A LOT of them. They’ve hosted Campfire Stories at their Fort Collins location and their Asheville location. They also helped us in 2019 with our first ever Women in the Woods event. Next time you’re perusing the beer aisle, grab a 6er or New Belgium and take a selfie and tag them and BHA. It’ll show them how much we appreciate them and their partnership.




OnX has created something that has revolutionized the hunting and fishing world – they’ve made it possible to know exactly where you are, what the regulations are, and who owns the land, wherever you go. You no longer have to wonder if that giant muley buck is on public, or if the state owns the land along a section of river. What’s more, they’ve recognized that you have to have public land to care where it is, and for that reason, they’ve supported BHA for years. Located in Missoula, Montana, their staff are made up of BHA members and outdoorspeople who get out and experience our wild public lands daily.



If you don’t already know Angie and Kevin Timm of Seek Outside, you should get to know them. This couple, the founders of Seek Outside, are amazing, cool, down-to-earth couple who started Seek Outside in their own garage on the west slope of Colorado. The tipis they make – along with their insanely light titanium stoves – have been a game changer for backcountry hunters the world over. Check out their full selection on their website – or get some of their awesome product when you join as a life member of BHA!


Based in Bozeman, Montana, Sitka has been a huge supporter of BHA for years and has routinely jumped at the chance to help us spread our message of the need for hunters to support conservation. They support our Podcast and Blast, our biannual sweepstakes, our chapter events, and were our first ever film fest sponsor. They are extremely generous when it comes to donating products to BHA that we use to raise funds and recruit new members and are always down to help with boots-on-the-ground projects


Under Armour has supported BHA for years, but they stepped up big time in 2018 by providing an app that we used for our Hike to Hunt campaign which allowed BHA members all across North America the chance to compete against each other in recording their miles hiked. Collectively, we hiked 160,653 miles from June through August in 2018 and raised significant funds and awareness in our fight to keep public lands in public hands.




It’s been 10 years since Yeti introduced the Tundra cooler – which was such a massive upgrade over other coolers that it revolutionized the industry. Not content to just sell bomber coolers, they recognized the need to get seriously involved in conservation and today they support dozens of conservation organizations across the country. BHA members recognize that the Yeti Tundra is the sportsmen’s choice – especially if you’re planning a multi-day float – or need your ice to last a week or more. They donate generously to our organization and have been an amazing conservation partner in our effort to protect public lands.










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