Government Relations Manager

Kaden McArthur

Kaden was born and raised in northern Utah where he grew up hunting, fishing and recreating on public lands. His passion for conservation collided with his interest in policy during his time at Utah State University, where he received a B.S. in law and constitutional studies with a minor in environmental studies and was actively involved in his collegiate BHA club.  

He spent a brief time as a campaign coordinator for Utah Rivers Council working on water conservation policy and outreach before moving to Washington, D.C. Following that he spent two years working as the legislative associate for Alaska Wilderness League, focused on protecting public lands and waters in America’s Arctic and the Tongass National Forest. Joining the BHA team allowed him to continue policy work while returning closer to his roots as a sportsman. 

In recent years Kaden has become an eager fly fisherman and when he is not on Capitol Hill he can be found searching for new streams and trails. As often as he can, Kaden heads back West to chase mule deer, elk and pronghorn. 

Contact Kaden:

[email protected]