Operations Coordinator

Max Siebert

Max Siebert grew up in Missoula, Montana. He graduated from the University of Montana with a dual degree in History and Central and Southwest Asian studies. After working a few jobs out of state, Max missed the mountains, family and friends in Montana and moved back (to a rented room in a house where he had the good fortune to meet his future wife). He is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, hiker, mountain biker and wanderer on all public lands. When he’s not at work, you’re sure to find Max on one of his dozen bicycles, hiking, studying maps and conjuring his next backcountry adventure, or lounging in a canoe with a packed cooler and a fishing rod. Max hopes that working with BHA will enable him to give back to the wild places that have raised and nurtured him, and to better ensure future generations will have even greater access and joy of public lands than he's had himself.


Contact Max:

[email protected]