Operations Coordinator

Screen_Shot_2021-04-23_at_4.37.46_PM.pngKate Mayfield

A native of Northern California, Kate grew up surrounded by towering redwoods, sprawling vineyards and a deep-rooted passion for exploring the valleys and rivers around her. After making her way to Missoula to attend the University of Montana, Kate was immersed in the world of Western big game. Navigating the intricacies of bow hunting on public lands in the Rockies sparked a fire for conservation, and she has been in pursuit of empowering hunters and anglers ever since. Kate strongly feels that anyone who wants to take on the field to table lifestyle can do so, with the right resources. BHA offered her a place for advice, tips and camaraderie while she navigated learning how to hunt and fish in a brand-new landscape. On days off you can find her training with her chocolate lab, shooting her bow, and enjoying a campfire somewhere, preferably without cell service.

Contact Kate:

[email protected]