Membership and Community Development Manager

Jason.Meekhof.jpgTiffany Cimino

Born and raised in New York, Tiffany's lifelong devotion to wildlife drove her to earn a degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation. Throughout her rewarding 11-year career as a Zookeeper and Conservationist, she specialized in large carnivores and actively participated in a diverse range of global conservation efforts. She contributed to vital initiatives, including reproductive projects involving critically endangered species like the Amur Leopard, and collaborated with nonprofits worldwide. Licensed as an NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator, she plays an integral role in local wildlife care.

Tiffany embraced hunting as a natural extension of her passion for conservation and wildlife management. Her love for archery hunting and the outdoors led her to discover a welcoming community within the outdoors industry. Supporting boots-on-the-ground initiatives dedicated to preserving and managing our lands, waters, and wildlife led her to BHA, where she's excited to make meaningful contributions toward safeguarding our natural legacy for future generations.

Contact Tiffany:

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