Upcoming Events

BHA continually strives to stay in contact with members through numerous channels including events. These include headquarters and chapter gatherings, clinics, trade shows, pint nights, and film tours, as well as headlining events like our Campfire Stories with Filson and Beers, Bands, and Public Lands. 

We'll also post upcoming public hearings, request for comment and rallies when there is an urgent need. 

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Public Grouse Film Tour Rapid City

February 05, 2020 · $15.00 USD
Elks Theater
in Rapid City, SD

Public Grouse Film Tour Fargo

February 05, 2020 · $15.00 USD
Drekker Brewery
in Fargo, ND

Public Grouse Film Tour Green Bay

February 06, 2020 · $15.00 USD
De Pere Cinema
in Green Bay, WI

North Fork Pint Night

February 06, 2020
Chrysalis Barrel Aged Beer
in Paonia, CO

BHA Backcountry Bash 2020

February 07, 2020
Appalachian Brewing Company
in Harrisburg, PA

Wild Game Tasting

February 07, 2020 · $60.00 USD
Three Sisters Kitchen
in Albuquerque , NM

Public Grouse Film Tour Reno

February 07, 2020 · $10.00 USD
University of Reno JCSU Theater
in Reno, NV

Public Grouse Film Tour Thomasville

February 08, 2020 · $15.00 USD
Thomasville Center for the Arts
in Thomasville, GA

Public Grouse Film Tour Gaylord

February 10, 2020 · $15.00 USD
Jay's Sporting Goods
in Gaylord, MI

Public Grouse Film Tour Pelham

February 12, 2020 · $15.00 USD
Chunky's Cinema Pub
in Pelham, NH

Past Events

Fulldraw Film Tour - Clare, Michigan

July 20, 2016
Jay's Sporting Goods
in Clare, MI

Fulldraw Film Tour - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 21, 2016
Fox Theater
in Milwaukee, WI

Fulldraw Film Tour - Coon Rapids, Minnesota

July 23, 2016
Average Joe's Archery
in Coon Rapids , MN

Twin Cities Minnesota Train to Hunt

July 30, 2016 - July 31, 2016
Chilakoot Bowhunters Club
in Somerset, WI

Montana FWP Crazy Mountain Kid Count

August 05, 2016 - August 07, 2016

Fulldraw Film Tour - Ketchum, Idaho

August 10, 2016
Whiskey Jacques
in Ketchum, ID

Bluff Creek Workday

August 13, 2016

Region 3 August Meetup

August 16, 2016
in Bozeman, MT

Green Drinks - Hosted by BHA & WSF

August 17, 2016
Wild Sheep Foundation
in Bozeman, MT

Boise Idaho, Backcountry in the Backyard - Aug. 17th

August 17, 2016
Ed Anderson's Home
in Boise, ID