Montana BHA 2023 Summer Newsletter

Summer has arrived! When we haven't been attending bow shoots, boots-on-the-ground stewardship projects, or chasing the salmon fly hatch, here’s what we’ve been up to since our last quarterly blog from Montana BHA:

Corner Crossing

Last month, “corner crossing” became the hottest topic in the hunting community when a federal judge in Wyoming ruled that, at least for the case in front of him, it did not constitute as unlawful trespass. 

But what impact does this decision have on the legality of corner crossing here in Montana?⁣ We discuss

State Legislature

With the 2023 Montana Legislative Session behind us, we're just now seeing the impacts of the new laws, including one that starts on July 1st and impacts all users of Fishing Access Sites

For the first time, Montana BHA worked to introduce our own bills this session, one of which was signed into law. HB 486, sponsored by Rep. Green (R-Hardin) increases the fine 10x for illegally gating a public road.

Throughout the session we fought tirelessly for public access, quality fish and wildlife habitat, and the future of equitable, fair-chase hunting and fishing opportunities in Montana. Click here to learn how Montana BHA is fighting for you.

FWP Comment Periods & Lawsuit

FWP is once again traveling the state again collecting feedback for their biennial season-setting. At the same time, they're also revisiting a document that's two decades old and of great importance to our members: the Elk Management Plan. There's a lot to digest in both of these, and we encourage our members to dive in and share your thoughts with us and, more importantly, with FWP.

Relatedly, our legal defense of sound elk management in Montana continues. If you’d like to learn more and donate to our effort, please visit

Federal Level Issues

On June 22nd, Sen. Jon Tester reintroduced the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship ActFor a refresher on the BCSA, give this episode of BHA's Podcast & Blast a listen featuring our own Hal Herring and Montana's Sen. Tester. Then please consider taking quick action support this bill.

There are only a few days left to comment on a proposed change from the BLM on how they could manage our public lands for future use. Our board member Jake Schwaller discusses in an oped. We encourage you to learn more and submit your own comments before the July 5th deadline.

The Lolo National Forest is undergoing a Land Management Plan Revision which will help decide the future of roughly 2 million acres of public lands near Missoula, Seeley Lake, Superior, Plains, Nine Mile and Thompson Falls.⁣ Montana BHA continues to engage in this process that will help shape management decisions for the next 15-20 years.⁣

Upcoming Events

July 8-9 - Women’s Backpacking Trip with MT BHA leader Anne Jolliff 

July 15 - Horse Prairie Fence Pull near Dillon

July 28-30 - Trail Work at Trail Fork Bear Creek near Ennis 

August 11 - Beers, Bands & Public Lands in Lewistown 

August 18-20 - Trail Work at Carpp Lake near Philipsburg (waitlist only)

August 26 - Beaver Blitz citizen science outing near Missoula 

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Recipe from the Backcountry

From Julię Mackiewicz and Montana BHA board member and Jim Posewitz Award winner Corey Ellis, this New Mexico-inspired venison taco recipe will leave you licking your fingers! Pairs well with a margarita (recipe for that included too!).


Thank you for continuing to support Montana BHA and joining us in the trenches to defend our wild public lands, waters & wildlife.



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