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Leslie Kaminski

This Dirtball Debutant is walking miles to get in shape for hunting season with a little competitive nudge. Hiking gives you time to hone your navigation skills, scout, get your pack set up right and spend some time in the trees! Support Backcountry Hunters and Anglers!

The dirtier my toes get, the cleaner I feel. I am pretty happy outside hunting, fishing, backpacking and growing veggies.
Derek O'Harrow

Friends and Family,

During these times of the COVID-19 a lot of us have taken to the outdoors to relieve the stresses of the lock down. Whether you've hiked or camped in the Spring Mountain Range, swam, boated, or fished in Lake Mead/Lake Mohave, or ridden ATVs on BLM land you were doing such on public land. So, for the next few weeks I will hiking to fund raise on behalf of Back Country Hunters and Anglers in support of maintaining these lands and waters for all to enjoy for generations to come.

Thank you,

Father of two, Husband, Hunter, Army Vet, Hockey Fan GO KNIGHTS GO!
Nathan Voris

Public lands are a big part of my life, and the work that BHA does to fight for it matters. I'm fundraising to help BHA deliver on its mission, and continue to be the baddest group of conservationists on the planet!

I'm an Ohio BHA board member, dad to two boys, scout leader, average angler, below average hunter, proud #publiclandowner
Chris Moody
Father of 3 who loves the outdoors and loves sharing these passions with my family.
Grant Meyer

When I first moved to southern Ohio I moved 12 hours away from my Fiancee and 5 hours away from friends and family. My favorite activity to quell the homesick loneliness was hiking in East Fork State Park. This is a park that has many challenges as people do not treat this park with the utmost respect, as they should. This is often the case with public lands. I know however, for every one bad public land participant there are 10 good ones. BHA has shown me that. 

I am an avid outdoors man that just purchased his first piece of land, I love going to state and federal lands to hike, fish and hunt and I love fighting for those lands as well as the access to them.
Mike Strollo

Last year Hike to Hunt was such a thrill for me, I hiked 170 miles and raised over $1,500 for BHA. This year I am going at it even harder! I joined BHA 2 years ago and it has quickly become one of my strongest passions. As an organization, we fight to protect public lands, and the access to those special places where we can adventure. 

Last year, a few buddies and I hiked New Hampshire's presidential traverse in the final weekend of Hike to Hunt. This year, we aim to do all 24 miles in a single day! 

I am Pennsylvanian and lifelong outdoorsman who loves to hunt, hike, canoe, explore, and more. I live in Philadelphia but set out to adventure throughout PA and beyond.
Dale Wilsey

This year, I'm dedicating my hikes to my sister, Leah Wilsey, and her daughters, Kaleigh and Paige. Last year, my sister passed away after a long battle with brain cancer leaving my two beautiful nieces in the care of our family. Through these times, my escape into the wild and the times I've spent with my nieces on public lands and waters has been the most helpful and therapeutic way to deal with our family's massive loss. 

Our public lands and waterways are some of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us as Americans and we must continue to protect them for future generations of hunters, anglers, hikers and outdoor adventurers to come. As Doug Duren says, "It's not ours, it's just our turn." My hope is that these places remain for my nieces and their families and generations to come.

BHA has lead the way in the continuing fight to protect these treasures and has brought together people from all walks of life in a common goal: To keep public lands in public hands and the protect them in perpetuity. 

I'm pledging to hike 200 miles with a $1,500 fundraising goal. I also challenge others to get out there and hike! Enjoy the lands and waterways and all of the amazing experiences they provide.

Take the time to explore our public lands. Keep it clean and keep it public.

- Dale Wilsey Jr.

Avid outdoorsman and bowhunter with a penchant for picking up heavy things and writing.
Riley Stringer

To raise awareness for the benefits of public lands and the need to protect, expand, and improve them. Check out @hikingforpubliclands for weekly updates and information on the history of public lands.

Outdoor Enthusiast, Conservationist, NC BHA Member, @hikingforpubliclands
Caleb Harding

I’m fundraising to preserve the remaining intact old growth ecosystems on Vancouver Island that are critical habitat for so many of the iconic west coast animals.

Avid naturalist and amateur angler from Vancouver Island, B.C
Elizabeth Guerra

I love our public lands.
I love the outdoors.
Wildlife is delicious and sustainable :)

I know how to incorporate a well placed expletive into most conversations.




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