Hiking App Instructions

Most Miles Hiked Challenge - Hike the Most Miles and Win!

Step 1 - Download the Under Armour "Map My Fitness" app.

Step 2 - On June 13, join the "Hike to Hunt Challenge" in the "Map My Hike" app. This will go live June 13, 12am (et)

Step 3 - Invite your friends to join you in the Most Miles Hiked competition.

Step 4 - Start hiking! Record your hikes through the app and track your miles to compete with all other contestants. Remember to start your workout in the app and don't forget to stop and save your workout when your hike is done. Nothing ruins a hike faster than leaving it on in the car. 

Challenge Rules - 

  1. Minimum length of workouts is fifteen (15) minutes.
  2. Maximum length of workouts is ten (10) hours.
  3. Only two (2) workouts per day will be counted.
  4. Only GPS-verified runs, walks or hikes are eligible.
  5. All eligible activities logged before the end of the contest period will be retroactively scored.
  6. * Only 50 percent of your total miles can be running*. 

The UA Hunt "Most Miles Hiked" challenge is separate from all other challenges.

How to upload GPS data to my app? And here!

Uploading Workouts - Want to hike and track your workouts with your GPS or other devices? You can easily upload your hikes. Click this link to learn more - Upload Workouts!

Tracking your route - If you don't want to share your route, set your account to private. If you are hunting or scouting and want to keep your spot secret, follow these instructions.