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Howard Whiteman

Because now more than ever, Public Lands needs us.  

Professor, hunter, writer, metalhead, angler, not necessarily in that order.
Matthew Voelker

I’m fundraising for BHA to help continue the fight to keep our public lands in public hands! So if you enjoy public lands help us fight for them! 

Just a public land user trying to do my part.
Sam Nasset

I'm fundraising for BHA's Hike To Hunt Challenge 2020 to raise money and awareness for our federally managed public lands & waters, and a vital non-profit organization, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, who work hard to keep these lands and waters in the hands of all American citizens.

Hunter, hiker, musician, husband, father.
Ty Stubblefield


Please join me in raising funds for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. And getting in shape while doing it. Become a part of the Hike to Hunt Challenge by signing up on your own or you can donate to the cause through my profile and make me suffer one boot step at a time! 

I pledge to walk 1 mile for every $10 raised. My goal - 200 miles hiked and $2,000 raised. Help me reach that goal for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife by contributing funds to BHA through my profile and help us win!

If you can chip in $1, $5 or $500 every one counts! Together we can win this! Follow along here as we start this challenge June 1 and end it July 31. 

Thank you in advance for your dedication to our public lands and waters!

Good-time loving, beer drinking, middle-ager looking to preserve our outdoor and hunting heritage through public lands and waters conservation!
Jesus Santos

I want to help preserve and expand the access that lovers of the outdoors have to the national treasure that is our public lands, especially in Texas.

I am a Christian husband and father who loves to be outside in big spaces.
Andrew Monaghan

Hike to Hunt supports BHA's public land advocacy, but it also motivates and inspires the individual to get out and enjoy our public lands. It is fun and rewarding. 

I am a member of the board of directors of the Southeast Chapter and a public land hunting and fishing fanatic!
Nicole Zickler
I have a 18yo daughter and a 11yo son. My husband and I have been married 19 years. I love the outdoors and I'm passionate about public lands!
Regis Stief

Public lands are incredibly important to me. They have afforded me many opportunities that would have otherwise been impossible after my move to WI.  I want to give back. I want to help preserve access to these places I hold dear and continue to improve myself in the process. 

An adventurer masquerading as an overweight, unmotivated web designer.
Alex Getty

I'm fundraising the Hike to Hunt Challenge because I believe in the availability and accessibility of public lands. Federally designated Wilderness areas are as remote as they are beautiful, and make up just a fraction of our public lands. They represent the wildest and untrammeled lands we have left, and should be protected to the fullest extent possible while allowing visitors on foot or stock.

I'm an IT Security guy for the DoD who spends most of his time while not at work in the outdoors. From chasing trout to grouse to foraging I'm in love with it all.
Robert Smith

We need to preserve the ability to get away from crowded cities and busy schedules.  Only the large expanses of public lands are big enough to let you truly get away.

public land enthusiast, Father of 2 crazy kids, BHA Life Member, PA Board Member
Jack Hedlund

I get to raise some money for BHA and also get in better shape for the fall hunting seasons. Its a win-win!

I grew up in Minnesota but have been living in Missoula for almost two years. Looking forward to getting out in the elk woods again this year.
Joshua Rodamer
I’m a Christian, husband and father that believes in connecting with an amazing creation.
Mark Zschoche

I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt because it's one way that I can help support the public lands that I do so much of my hunting on.  It's also a great way to stay in shape for the coming hunting season.  

Joshua Elliott

Conserving our nation's public lands and wildlife is a deeply personal issue for me. I've taken advantage of millions of acres of our public land system, starting at a very young age, through a variety of non-motorized recreational activities. The wildlife present on those lands (from insects to birds to elk) makes the land itself come to life and enriches the experience of anyone fortunate enough venture off the beaten path. Hunters in general and BHA specifically contribute in substantive, meaningful ways to the canservation of wildlife and our public land system, and "Hike to Hunt" is one way in which BHA increases awareness of these issues while raising the much-needed funds to fight for them.

I'm a hunter and homebrewer with a trail running problem.
Joshua Smith

I am fundraising to raise awareness and funds for public lands across our country. 

I’m a social studies teacher who loves to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and canoe.
michael strollo

Im fundraising money for BHA so we, as an organization can continue to expand protection for public lands throughout North America and influence legislation to better protect the interests of hunters in Pennsylvania and beyond. One really great thing they are working on is to remove the PA ban on Sunday hunting which will open up opportunities for a lot of hunters like myself who work during the week. 

I used to hike a lot recreationally. Mt. Washington, Mt. Katahdin, and others, but now I tend to only hike while I am hunting, scouting, or looking for antler sheds. Im looking forward to putting in a lot of miles these next 2 months. At the end of July, I aim to finish off the fundraiser with a portion (or all) of the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

My goal for this campaign is 150 miles, but I hope to stride even farther. 

I am Pennsylvanian and lifelong outdoorsman who loves to hunt, hike, canoe, explore, and more. I live in Philadelphia but set out to adventure throughout PA and beyond.
Nathan Voris

Public lands are a big part of my life, and the work that BHA does to fight for it matters. I'm fundraising to help BHA grow and continue to be the baddest group of conservationists on the planet!

I'm an Ohio BHA board member, dad to two boys, scout leader, average angler, below average hunter, proud #publiclandowner
Scott Coleman

To take trailhead diplomacy out for a walk and raise some money in the process

Valorie Titus

I want to work to protect our public lands and our hunting heritage!

Wildlife professor, hunter, angler, mommy. Love the outdoors!
Jason Sztapka
Love of hunting public lands, turkey hunting addict.
Joe Wehrenberg
A lover of the outdoors, who is looking forward to protecting out public lands for generations to come.
Brant Davis

Love public lands and water

Living outside is life
Kevin Farron

Increasing awareness and raising $$$ in defense of our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

MT BHA Chapter Coordinator. Missoula, MT
Nicole Missamore

To help preserve hunting for future generations 

I love hiking and I love my Lab. Being able to hike with my Lab is the ultimate!
Randy Koster
A public safety software engineer, part-time firefighter/EMT, and bow hunting nut, I live at the gateway to Shawnee National Forest, the crown jewel of Illinois' wildlands.
Andrew Ruszkiewicz
Hunter and Angler and Active Duty Special Operations soldier, conservationist and lover of anything outdoors!
Shawn Landriault

Protect our wild places.

Love being anywhere that is not inside.
Luke Louden
I try everyday to become a better person. Being and hunter and angler is a massive part of that journey.
Katie Childs
Born and raised in MN. Love hiking, fishing, and I promote hunting and recently shot my first turkey.
Kyle Hildebrandt

I want to challenge myself to getting some miles in for our public lands! 

Proud owner of an almost 3 year old lab. Founder/President of the BHA Collegiate chapter at the University of Minnesota. I hunt and fish almost exclusively on public lands, and embrace every moment that I am able to spend outdoors!
Lex Cisler
Just a man who left his career to hike, camp, fish, and hunt across America
Rachelle Schrute

I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm doing this for selfish reasons. 

1 - Iceland in August.

2 - I need to be a BAMF come archery season.

As it sits now, I'm only a MFHB (marginally fit human being)

Plus, supporting BHA - Am I right?

📍🄼🄾🄽🅃🄰🄽🄰 - Communications Director, MT Chapter BHA
Ian Biggers
Finding my out of doors roots in the woods of Maine.
Preston Watts

Because recreating on public lands are a big and very important part of my life, and I want to help keep them here for future outdoorsmen and women.

Archery Hunter, Hiker, Soon-2-Be Fly Fisherman, and Montana's number one fan.
Justin Redman
Live in the the Nortwest. And enjoy getting outdoors with my family and friends.
Colin Chadwick
Husband, father, hunter, angler, and AZ BHA Chapter Secretary.
Matthew Archey

I'm fundraising for this cause because I've had so many opportunities in life made possible by public lands.  Growing up, my family wasn't wealthy so I spent a lot of time hunting PA State Game Lands, state park lands, and private farmland.  As farmland availability diminishes, the need for healthy, publicly accessible land is more important than ever, and this is one way I can do my part so that future generations have the same opportunities to enjoy nature.

Brooke Armbrust
I love everything there is to do outside, including hunting. That’s why conservation is a must and this is a great way to support it!
Don Holmstrom
Colorado high country drifter, habitat protector, family of amazing women just trying to keep up
John Gale

I support BHA because it is the only hunter and angler driven organization that shares my unwavering dedication to preserving the solitude of lonely backcountry mountains where the elk bugle and cold streams run with wild trout.

John Gale is a 5th generation Idahoan who grew up hunting and fishing the backcountry with his family. As BHA’s conservation director, John is committed to defending our wild public lands, waters and wildlife for future generations.
Larry Williams
I am an avid Outdoorsman and Conservationist who dabbles in most outdoor activities.
Jesse Salsberry

I'm raising funds for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers because as a grassroots-driven advocate for our public lands, waters and wildlife; BHA is protecting the traditions and heritage that we have as Public Land Owners today, and for future generations.

Public Land Owner and Northwest Outreach Coordinator for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
James Angley

To raise money for fishing and hunting conservation issues

Hunter, Angler, Gardener
Nicholas Long

Help support wild places, public lands, and public waters by supporting me in this year's Hike to Hunt. Any donations go to helping public lands, public wildlife, and public waters by helping BHA. Even if you don't set a foot on public land, keeping these lands helps the entire earth (clean air or water important to you?). If this isn't a good enough reason, I have plenty more in detail.

Hunter, fisherman, outdoor lovin' father of two that spends majority of life in the outdoors.
Larry Copeland

My doctor said I needed more exercise so what better way than join the hike to hunt movement and support a great organization. 

Zachary Williams

Because I love public lands and waters.

Backcountry Journal editor