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Leslie Kaminski

This Dirtball Debutant is walking miles to get in shape for hunting season with a little competitive nudge. Hiking gives you time to hone your navigation skills, scout, get your pack set up right and spend some time in the trees! Support Backcountry Hunters and Anglers!

Proud Dirtball Debutant of Public Lands and Waters!
Chris Moody
Father of 3 who loves the outdoors and loves sharing these passions with my family.
Mike Strollo

Last year Hike to Hunt was such a thrill for me, I hiked 170 miles and raised over $1,500 for BHA. This year I am going at it even harder! I joined BHA 2 years ago and it has quickly become one of my strongest passions. As an organization, we fight to protect public lands, and the access to those special places where we can adventure. 

Last year, a few buddies and I hiked New Hampshire's presidential traverse in the final weekend of Hike to Hunt. This year, we aim to do all 24 miles in a single day! 

I am Pennsylvanian and lifelong outdoorsman who loves to hunt, hike, canoe, explore, and more. I live in Philadelphia but set out to adventure throughout PA and beyond.
Derek OHarrow

Friends and Family,

During these times of the COVID-19 a lot of us have taken to the outdoors to relieve the stresses of the lock down. Whether you've hiked or camped in the Spring Mountain Range, swam, boated, or fished in Lake Mead/Lake Mohave, or ridden ATVs on BLM land you were doing such on public land. So, for the next few weeks I will hiking to fund raise on behalf of Back Country Hunters and Anglers in support of maintaining these lands and waters for all to enjoy for generations to come.

Thank you,

Father of two, Husband, Hunter, Army Vet, Hockey Fan GO KNIGHTS GO!
Nathan Voris

Public lands are a big part of my life, and the work that BHA does to fight for it matters. I'm fundraising to help BHA deliver on its mission, and continue to be the baddest group of conservationists on the planet!

I'm an Ohio BHA board member, dad to two boys, scout leader, average angler, below average hunter, proud #publiclandowner
Grant Meyer

When I first moved to southern Ohio I moved 12 hours away from my Fiancee and 5 hours away from friends and family. My favorite activity to quell the homesick loneliness was hiking in East Fork State Park. This is a park that has many challenges as people do not treat this park with the utmost respect, as they should. This is often the case with public lands. I know however, for every one bad public land participant there are 10 good ones. BHA has shown me that. 

I am an avid outdoors man that just purchased his first piece of land, I love going to state and federal lands to hike, fish and hunt and I love fighting for those lands as well as the access to them.
randy gaetano

To help keep public lands in public hands.

Maine hunter, surfer, fisherman, adventurer, father, and NEMO Creative Content Director.
Caleb Harding

I’m fundraising to preserve the remaining intact old growth ecosystems on Vancouver Island that are critical habitat for so many of the iconic west coast animals.

Avid naturalist and amateur angler from Vancouver Island, B.C
Steve Nikirk

The money raised goes to support wildlife and healthy habitat which is good for us all. If you’re a fan of fresh air and clean water, please consider donating to my hike to hunt campaign. Plus, it’s a great motivator to get outside and get in shape.

British Columbia BHA Region One Chapter leader. Canadian family man, carpenter, conservationist, everything outdoors.
Sam Nasset

I'm fundraising for BHA's Hike To Hunt Challenge 2020 to raise money and awareness for our federally managed public lands & waters, and a vital non-profit organization, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, who work hard to keep these lands and waters in the hands of all American citizens.  I took 2nd place in the first Hike to Hunt Challenge in 2017, when it was just a fundraising challenge.  Got me a sweet Kifaru pack out of it, but the gear is not the point at all.  I've got all the gear I need (not all that I want, but what I need to get the job done)  I'm just glad to be able to raise some coin for BHA and bring awareness of the public land issues in this country to my friends, relatives, coworkers and acquaintances.  

Montana big game and upland bird hunter. Luckily we've got lots of public land to get our groceries!
Garrett Robinson

Garrett is the Eastern Field manager for the AFI. He grew up in the rural farm country of southern Pennsylvania where he developed his deep passion for all things outdoors. Whether it be hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc, he wanted to be involved. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps where he served 26 years as an enlisted Marine and retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant. He currently lives in Northern Virginia and works as an operations analyst for Katmai Government Services. The outdoors is his passion and enjoys hunting all over the country. Getting into the backcountry is where he feels most at home and loves nothing more than introducing others to the amazing opportunities that await anyone willing to walk the trail into our wild public lands and waters.  

Born and raised in southern York County, Pennsylvania, I participated in hunting in fishing throughout the state with my family on both public and private land. To this day the memories of growing up in a family where everyone hunted are some of the best
Brian Ace Ford

I am fundraising for Hike To Hunt because I care about the health and longevity of our public lands in this country. Not just for hunting and fishing purposes, but for access, parks, trails, pools, and all other public land initiatives. 

I love to hunt and fish, but being outdoors is my motivation.
Ty Stubblefield


Please join me in raising funds for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. And getting in shape while doing it. Become a part of the Hike to Hunt Challenge by signing up on your own or you can donate to the cause through my profile and make me suffer one boot step at a time! 

I pledge to walk 1 mile for every $10 raised. My goal - 200 miles hiked and $2,000 raised. Help me reach that goal for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife by contributing funds to BHA through my profile and help us win!

If you can chip in $1, $5 or $500 every one counts! Together we can win this! Follow along here as we start this challenge June 16th and end August 16th. 

Thank you in advance for your dedication to our public lands and waters!

Montana Bison Rancher!
June Murray

Our family has the most fun out playing in our public lands and waters. The guys and I are trying to raise as much as possible for BHA -a cause that works hard to preserve our public lands and waters for all to use. Please consider donating a buck or $50 for the cause! 

Hiking goals: 

Jett & Tash - 100 mi

Me - 150 mi 

Sean - 1,000,000 mi 

Loves Jesus, 3 handsome dudes, and everything outdoors. Works at Next Ridge. Let’s go fishing!
devon breedlove

To do my part in raising money towards conservation all while getting  in better shape and exploring more of the beautiful backcountry we all have access to

Carpenter by trade, conservationist, avid outdoorsman
Riley Stringer

To raise awareness for the benefits of public lands and the need to protect, expand, and improve them. Check out @hikingforpubliclands for weekly updates and information on the history of public lands.

Elizabeth McKim

I love our public lands.
I love the outdoors.
Wildlife is delicious and sustainable :)

I know how to incorporate a well placed expletive into most conversations.
Dale Wilsey

This year, I'm dedicating my hikes to my sister, Leah Wilsey, and her daughters, Kaleigh and Paige. Last year, my sister passed away after a long battle with brain cancer leaving my two beautiful nieces in the care of our family. Through these times, my escape into the wild and the times I've spent with my nieces on public lands and waters has been the most helpful and therapeutic way to deal with our family's massive loss. 

Our public lands and waterways are some of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us as Americans and we must continue to protect them for future generations of hunters, anglers, hikers and outdoor adventurers to come. As Doug Duren says, "It's not ours, it's just our turn." My hope is that these places remain for my nieces and their families and generations to come.

BHA has lead the way in the continuing fight to protect these treasures and has brought together people from all walks of life in a common goal: To keep public lands in public hands and the protect them in perpetuity. 

I'm pledging to hike 200 miles with a $1,500 fundraising goal. I also challenge others to get out there and hike! Enjoy the lands and waterways and all of the amazing experiences they provide.

Take the time to explore our public lands. Keep it clean and keep it public.

- Dale Wilsey Jr.

Avid outdoorsman and bowhunter with a penchant for picking up heavy things and writing.
Michael Woods

To challenge myself. For continuous improvement. Because time spent hiking and running provide peace and clarity. To see new places and experience new things. And to ensure that BHA continues to be a powerhouse advocating on behalf of our public lands, waters and wildlife

hunter, angler from Rhode Island. New England BHA Co-Chair
Chris Meyer

I am fundraising because I love the outdoors and public land. This organization fights for gaining new public lands along with access to the land. I believe in what they stand for and are doing for the outdoor community. Whether your a hiker, hunter, fisherman, mountain biker, bird watcher, or love to do anything outside this fundraiser helps us all maintain our opportunists to the areas that we love to spend time in.

Active duty Marine that love the outdoors and public lands
Michael Scrogan
Coloradan who is new to hunting but loves everything about it and want to pass this tradition on to my children.
Jim Parkins

So our children and grandchildren can enjoy our public lands like I have.

Public land owner.
Robert Haaland

I need some motivation to get in shape for elk hunting this fall, and raising money for BHA seems like great motivation!

I'm from ND and like to hunt and fish. I am happily married and have a little girl who keeps me on my toes.
Andrew Spellman
I'm an outdoors journalist, avid outdoorsman and conservationist wrapped into one.
Kevin Farron

Increasing awareness and raising $$$ in defense of our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

BHA's Regional Policy Manager (MT, ND, SD). Based in Missoula, MT
Kai Whitehill

If my pursuit of wild treasures in wild places can in any way help raise funds for BHA to keep fighting for all of our public land and waters, it seems like the sensible thing to do.

I find myself called to open spaces, to cover ground and to hunt for things that do not come to people easily. If I can just make sure to have fun doing that, then I feel grand.
Zak Knab

I am fundraising to increase awareness for the issues facing public lands and waters. Through this campaign, I hope to bring awareness to the public lands available in Central WI, show the benefits these public lands provide and entice others to explore public lands. 

I am an avid public land hunter/user from WI to ND to Canada. I am also a public land manager in WI.
Jack Kirkendall

To support BHA

Retired but not tired.
Wolf Gumerman

Public lands are special places to me and my family. I'm fundraising to help protect our public lands. There are too many threats to our public lands and we need to fight to make sure that we can always enjoy access while conserving and enhancing habitat and wildlife. 

Wolf, an active user of public lands since he can remember, feels it is important to use his time and energy to protect these special landscapes and the wildlife and cultural resources they hold. AZ Board Member. Collegiate Club Advisory Board.
Tyler Williams

To raise money and awareness for public land and water access. Conservation of the outdoors is critical for continued access for hunting, fishing and all outdoor recreation.

Washington Raised. Avid hunter, motorcyclist, and outdoorsman.
Ellen Candler

Dr. Ellen Candler is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on wildlife’s interaction with hunter-provided resources, such as bait and gut piles. She currently co-leads the Offal Wildlife Watching Project, a participatory science project that involves white-tailed deer hunters setting remote cameras at deer gut piles. Ellen grew up in Southeast Idaho camping, hiking, skiing, and fishing. She picked up hunting after a long absence during her PhD in Minnesota. She now enjoys hunting, fishing, and foraging with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Ellen sits on the board of directors for the Minnesota chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. 

Brett Ladeau
I am an avid turkey hunter but training to do some deer tracking this fall.
Aaron Underwood

BHA can be an ally in the face of mounting pressure to eliminate hunting as a pastime and BHA does a lot of work advocating Public Lands and making sure that they continue to receive the protection they need to remain wild and undeveloped for us to enjoy and to ensure they remain for our children and future generations.


A thing is right when it preserves the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. - Aldo Leopold

Christian, Husband, Father, Hunter, Fisherman, Friend, and mentor. My family is my world and I will grow it in the out of doors cherishing what god has seen fit to let us steward.
Brody Humpert

Protect wildlife, wild places and access to both.

Wannabe Outdoorsman
Jonah Curtis

To help out public lands and water and to be in a physical condition to utilize them most excellently. 

I'll always be high minded and low waged from reading too much Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Wendi Rank

I'm fundraising because BHA is a great organization. Being members has done so much for ur family! Funding the work of BHA is important!

Charles Stewart

 Our progress will benefit all outdoors men and women by providing funding to protect public lands, waters, and wildlife habitats. 

I’m a public lands employee, fishing guide, and avid hunter of public lands.
Nick Scalo

Want to generate awareness for our public lands and BHA! Also to give people motivation to get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Nick from PA here! “We have fallen heirs to the most glorious heritage a people ever received, and each one must do his part if we wish to show that the nation is worthy of its good fortune.” TR
Kyle Butler

Being able to use our public lands to its fullest extent, means the world to me. I thoroughly enjoy everything that it has to offer. Please help me in supporting our great public lands. 

My name is Kyle I’m 30 and I hunt and fish the George Washington National Forest avidly
Courtney Giles

Why is anyone doing it? Conservation + fitness = pure joy

Teacher, gardener, mover and shaker. Lover of wild things. Wandering, listening, laughing.
Keith Colonna

The vast majority of my hunting & fishing occurs on public land.  Millions of Americans enjoy our public lands every day.  The value of the outdoors has been highlighted more than ever in a year where our recreating options were eliminated in most other spaces.  I already enjoy going outside - might as well support conservation along the way!

“We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Hunter & angler. PA Chapter Vice Chairman.
Alexandra Willis

I want to help educate others about hunting and the outdoors much like BHA does with their Hunting for Sustainability program. I am fundraising to help BHA continue to run these programs and advocate for our public lands and waters. 

I love the outdoors, traveling, cooking, being creative, and trying just about everything in between! I'm eager to learn and experience as much as I can and educate others about the outdoors as I go.
Tyler Vest

I support BHA because, as a military family, public lands and waters are the only places that my sons and I can enjoy the outdoors. With the continuous moving, we don’t have the option to buy large tracts of land or the time to build relationships with landowners. BHA’s mission to keep public lands in public hands ensures that I will be able to teach my sons about the outdoors, and they will be able to pass that on in the future. 

Kadyn Johnston
I am 10 years old. I like to hunt and fish
Kylie Schumacher

1. Because I like to give BHA all my monies

2. Because I need to beat Land at one more thing

3. Because I need to get in shape to slay this fall

Kylie is a self-identified “mediocre hunter, terrible angler, wild game eater, wannabe chef, and dog mom.” When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her in the backcountry, on the water, in the kitchen, or somewhere romping about with her black lab, Holt
Alyssa Steinert


I am a lover of camping, hiking, wild flowers, fishing and hunting.
Marissa Saviano

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is an amazing conservation organization who’s primary focus of protecting our Public Lands is an important foundation for my family’s lifestyle. I want my son to grow up enjoying the public lands I have been so privileged to enjoy myself.

I am an avid hunter, outdoorsman and wild game enthusiast
Jenn Mayrand

We know we're hiking anyway (especially in the short Montana summers), so why not give a little back while doing something we love?

Long on goals and short on time (just like everybody else)
Pete Wright

I'm hiking in order to demonstrate the diversity and importance of our public lands.  I also want to encourage others to explore these wonderful places on their own.  

I'm a husband and father who loves the outdoors and enjoys these places regularly with our family.
Nathan Novelly
I’m a father, a hunter, and a Soldier
Austin Hilger

I’m fundraising for The Backcountry hunters and anglers because I want to do my part in ensuring hunting and fishing on public lands will always be available for future generations.

I live to hunt and hunt to live
jessica martin

Those who know me often hear me say, "BHA." My hope is that by participating in this years hike to hunt challenge I can share with people my love for this organization and help build awareness for the issues facing our wild public lands and waters. I encourage everyone to head over to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers website to learn more about BHA's mission. 

I am 30 years old and live among the Western Mountains of Maine in the scenic town of Rangeley. I work as a medical surgical nurse. When I am not running the halls of my local hospital you can find me hunting and fishing in western and northern Maine.
Jett and Tash Murray

We want to keep our favorite hunting spots and fishing holes public. 

2 brothers who love hunting with their dad, that want to keep the public lands public for all the public.
Donald Horn

I was raised to be a Stewart of God's creations. Not just for me but for all and every generation to come. BHA is a brother and sisterhood of like minded people aiming to see everyone has access to these wonders. I am just trying to do my part and on a personal goal to better my health.

My family relayed on our hunting and fishing traditions to provide food for the table. We shared our rewards with others that have never experienced a wild game meal. My father was an officer with a local Fish and Game and I went everywhere he did. Learni
Dan Fuchs

The outdoors are amazing--with this opportunity to get healthier, get in shape for hunting season, and raise money and awareness of the millions upon millions of acres of public land in the US its a no brainer.


On a more personal note, I'm using this as motivation to get healthy to have more energy and endurance to keep up with my 2 kids.

Husband, Father, Pastor, Hunter
Brad Donaldson

To support an awesome cause and to get some early season fitness too.

Avid Hunter, Fisherman ,Archer ,Mountain Biker....In the wild is where I feel at home!
Brady Mellenthin

Raise funds for the great outdoors. Bring awareness to current hot topics. Get physically prepared for fall activites. 

Minnesota Chapter
Scott DeSena
Chasing that next adventure!!
Michael Manning

I support BHA's mission to protect public land and secure access for all. In particular I'm proud of the organizations recent commitment to increase awareness of and access to public lands to all communities.

I spend as much time in the montains with my pup as possible.
David Baumbauer

To support BHA's efforts to keep public lands public and accessible.

Lora Gene Young

Hike to Hunt supports BHA and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers helps keep public land public. I am proud to be a public land owner and I am hiking to keep it that way for everyone!

I am a Gypsy Nomad. Let's get hiking!
Nate Kennedy
Hiker, hunter, fisherman, and lover of outdoors from Eastern Iowa.
Kurt Ratzlaff

The goals of BHA are nearly identical to my own. I believe the world is a better place when more people spend more time enjoying the outdoors. And the places they spend that time helps determine how much better that person becomes. While it may be a small inner city park space or the wide open spaces of true wilderness, time outdoors benefits those who spend time there.

I'm an old retired guy, barely hanging in there, but focused on spreading the love for our public lands and waters!
Kyle Hildebrandt

I joined the BHA Hike to Hunt 2020 presented by Under Armour Challenge on @MapMyFitness.
My goal is to hike 400 miles by August 31st for our public land, waters, & wildlife. As part of Hike to Hunt 2020, I would like to set an ambitious goal of raising $2,500 to help fund the great work Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is doing for conservation.

Minnesota Chapter Board Member
Regis Stief

Public lands are incredibly important to me. They have afforded me many opportunities that would have otherwise been impossible after my move to WI.  I want to give back. I want to help preserve access to these places I hold dear and continue to improve myself in the process. 

An adventurer masquerading as an overweight, unmotivated web designer.
Andrew McCloud

Conservation of the outdoors is critical for continued access for hunting, fishing and all outdoor recreation. As urban areas expand we need to secure hunting and fishing access, land and stream access and ensure the future of public lands.

California raised, passionate western hunter and fisherman.
Shamus Stone
I’m an avid outdoorsman that like to take advantage of getting outside as much as I can. From hiking, hunting, finishing and camping to everything in between.
Mackenzie Ashford

To help save and protect public lands for future generations.

Hunter & fisherman from Oregon
Thomas Nix

This year, 2020, has been a wild one. A bright light in the midst is that my home state was announced as an official BHA chapter! It’s our time to give back! 

I’m father to the most amazing little boy, I also know random info about way too much.
Caitlin Griffin

I am fundraising for several reasons:

1) To share my love of the outdoors for generations to come, just like my father showed me.

2) To help protect and restore the native wonders of the great outdoors.

3) To support and help everything  President Theodore Roosevelt stood for to protect our land and continue to preserve the ideals of the Pittman-Robertson Act.


I love to hunt, fish, hike, and just spend time in the outdoors, especially shooting archery. This love of the outdoors began when I was a small child and was instilled in me by my parents.
Craig Ruscitto

I believe in the cause and want to help 

Family guy. Trying to get out as much as possible
Jim Bartz

I believe in BHA's mission of protecting and expanding public lands, public land access, and advocating for hunting and fishing.

I served on the Iowa Chapter of BHA board of directors for 4 years at it's inception. I now strive to volunteer and participate in as many BHA activities as possible.
Seth Trokey

Raising money for Public Lands and Waters

IL BHA Chapter Chair
Larry Williams
I am an avid Outdoorsman and Conservationist who dabbles in most outdoor activities.
Joshua Elliott

Conserving our nation's public lands and wildlife is a deeply personal issue for me. I've taken advantage of millions of acres of our public land system, starting at a very young age, through a variety of non-motorized recreational activities. The wildlife present on those lands (from insects to birds to elk) makes the land itself come to life and enriches the experience of anyone fortunate enough venture off the beaten path. Hunters in general and BHA specifically contribute in substantive, meaningful ways to the canservation of wildlife and our public land system, and "Hike to Hunt" is one way in which BHA increases awareness of these issues while raising the much-needed funds to fight for them.

I'm a hunter and homebrewer with a trail running problem.
Christopher Ford

To protect our public lands for future generations!

Husband, Father, Iowa BHA Chapter Co-Chair, outdoorsman!
Justin Hart

Raise money for to help preserve and expand access to our public lands.

Outdoors, hunting, fishing, ADK.
Valorie Titus

I want to work to protect our public lands and our hunting heritage!

Wildlife professor, hunter, angler, mommy. Love the outdoors!
Jeffrey Edwards

To raise awareness for the importance of our nation's public lands, waters, and the wildlife that roam these wild places.

Former president of the UWSP Backcountry Hunters and Anglers chapter, avid hunter still dreaming of harvesting my first bull elk with my bow!
Cody Priest
I am in Junior High and love to hunt with my dad.
Mackenzie Priest

I am fundraising because my dad says it's a good thing to do.

I'm just entering High School and I like to hunt with my dad.
Heather Zschoche

I love the outdoors and want to ensure future generations have great places to enjoy too!

Hiker, camper, hunter’s wife
Steven Priest

I’m fundraising for public lands and doing this to help me be in shape for elk season.

I love to hunt and help others get involved in hunting.
Myles Astle

To show my support =]

New to hunting and trying get back to the out of doors
Mark Zschoche

I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt because it's one way that I can help support the public lands that I do so much of my hunting on.  It's also a great way to stay in shape for the coming hunting season.  

Andrew Healy

I’d like to stay in shape throughout the offseason and if I can raise money for one of my favorite organizations, all the better.

Hunter and Angler in Iowa and passionate about supporting public lands.
Timothy Taylor

To keep public lands in public hands

Ben Nicholson

Raising money to keep public lands in public hands.

I'd rather be outside than inside. Iowa BHA BOD.
Mike Ostlund

Help me support Backcountry Hunter and Anglers in their mission of public land advocacy and promoting fishing and hunting for all.

I'm a lifelong fisherman and adult onset hunter who loves the wilderness and everything nature has to offer.
Eric Starkowicz

To help keep Public Lands Public for my son and every generation that follows. 

Don Rank

I’m raising money for a conservation group named Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. It’s a great group of people working to protect our public lands.

Lindsey Long
Adult onset hunter co-training with a team of GSPs.
Jeremy Valentine

Support BHA, motivation to get out and about.

Father of two young-uns. Public land owner
Nathan Kennedy

To combat the effects of a successful 2020 Ice Cream Season. Oh, and for public lands! 

Michael Herter

Because Public Lands are one of the most important things in this country!

I hunt National Forest land almost exclusively and I would like it to stay that way. I would aslo like to see more public access and oppurtunity for everyone!
Andrew Whitley

My goal is to bring awareness to the public lands that provide us all a place to hunt, hike, fish, camp and find solitude in. 

Avid outdoorsman that appreciates the opportunities to hunt, hike and camp.
Mike Moore

Exploring another way to connect in nature with my kids.

Husband, Father of two. Adult onset hunter.
Mike Fitz

To promote access to our public lands for all outdoor activities and to raise awareness that this access must be protected.

I have a bird dog named Gertie! She's a Small Munsterlander.
Brock Stuber

I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt this year because I believe in Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) mission. I also believe that a life spent outdoors is a life well lived and I would encourage anyone to spend more time in nature. This event allows me to spend that time in the outdoors and also raise money for a wonderful cause. Public land is everywhere and best of all it's out there for everyone. 

OK chapter Board Member. I am an avid hunter, fisherman and conservationist.
Kody Kasper
Park Ranger, Hunting Guide, Outdoorsman
Robert Smith

We need to preserve the ability to get away from crowded cities and busy schedules.  Only the large expanses of public lands are big enough to let you truly get away.

public land enthusiast, Father of 2 crazy kids, BHA Life Member, PA Board Member
Jesse Salsberry

I'm raising funds for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers because as a grassroots-driven advocate for our public lands, waters and wildlife; BHA is protecting the traditions and heritage that we have as Public Land Owners today, and for future generations.

Jason meekhof

I love and work for BHA

Tammy Whalen

I like Trees

Public Land Owner
Rachelle Schrute

I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm doing this for selfish reasons. 

1 - Iceland in August.

2 - I need to be a BAMF come archery season.

As it sits now, I'm only a MFHB (marginally fit human being)

Plus, supporting BHA - Am I right?

John Kruse

I support the BHA mission of protecting our public lands for our generation and future generations so that we can hike, hunt and fish in these special places owned by all of us!

I'm the host and producer of America Outdoors Radio and Northwestern Outdoors Radio. I love fishing, hunting and hiking on our public lands throughout the Western U.S.
Thomas Hartland

The challenge, fitness, time in nature, and to raise awareness of our wonderful public lands.

From Maryland, husband to a wonderful wife, and father of three beautiful daughters
Daniel Wright

I am participating in the BHA Hike to Hunt campaign for a few reasons; The first reason I am participating in the "Hike to Hunt" campaign is to build awareness to the issues facing our public lands and waters. Secondly, and just as important I am participating in the "Hike to Hunt" campaign as a motivator to get myself healthy again and shed the pounds I need to shed.

I am born and raised on Vancouver Island where I have enjoyed the outdoors my entire life. I am a proud Hunter, Fisherman, Houndsman, Hiker and spend every spare minute exploring our beautiful backcountry
John Donnell

To help open more public lands and keep public lands public for all users. 

Bow hunter, gun hunter, advocate for conservation.
Cody Oren
I am the chairman of the South Carolina Chapter of BHA. Married, and soon to be father of three who loves being outdoors with his family!
Todd Bishop

To support public lands, quality outdoor experiences, appropriate access, and their responsible use.

Jeremy Crawford

I'm fundraising to help raise funds for outdoor recreation and conservation our public lands shared and owned by everyone. I would also like to encourage friends and family to get out and enjoy out public lands

I like to hike and get away from all of life's distractions and spend time getting some fresh air.
Kristy Schnurstein

Hunting and fishing is a way of life for me, but what is important is the future of our public lands, waters and wildlife. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is dedicated to the future of conservation and speaking-up for our access to public lands, waters and wildlife. Please join me in contributing towards my goal in raising $1,000 to help support such a great conservation organization as I hike 250 miles by July 31st. Together, we can support and preserve a future in conservation!

A woman who hunts, fishes and lives for the outdoors ever since she was a little girl!
Jared Walker
Husband, Father, Hunter, and avid Outdoorsman
Anthony Ruffing

I’m fundraising for a few reasons:

1.first and foremost I’m a big supporter of BHA and donate my time as much as I can as a chapter board member in Ohio

2. September is coming in hot and Colorado elk are waiting on me again this year

3. be less fat

Matthew Edwards

To raise awareness for public land access and for physical fitness.

I live in the Allegheny Highlands of WV where I am privileged with access to public land to enjoy outdoor pursuits.
Donald Holmstrom
Colorado high country drifter, habitat protector, family of amazing women just trying to keep up
Joshua Smith

I am fundraising to raise awareness and funds for public lands across our country. 

I’m a social studies teacher who loves to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and canoe.
Nace Naumoski

Always support BHA's efforts fighting for public access to public lands.

I am a trad bowhunter from Pennsylvania. I love hunting whitetails, black bear, and squirrels.
Kent Petersen

To raise awareness for public lands and waters

I love everything outdoors! Iowa Chapter BOD
Pamela Parkins
Some would say that I am a local swindler, but in reality my goal is to educate and empower people in my corner of the world. I enjoy almost all things outdoors and am lucky enough to live in a place where the outdoors is plentiful!
Trenton Pekny

What better way to get in shape and live a healthier life than to get outside and experience our public lands? I want to bring awareness to the outdoor lifestyle and grant people the opportunity to see all of the adventures that await them through my shoes.

I am deeply passionate about the outdoors. Nebraska born and raised.
Kyle Smith

I care for access to OUR public lands!

Eric Zach

I'm fundraising to support BHA's efforts to address issues I care about.  It's also good for my health.  Win-win.

Love wildlife, hunting, beer, and music. Fighting for our public lands and natural resources is not a spectator sport.
Marshal Loftus


Kansas BHA BOD
Kyle Broadfoot

I’m participating in Hike to Hunt to raise funds and raise awareness for OUR Public Lands! Most public lands require a good deal of hiking to access, so the Hike to Hunt Challenge seems like the best way to achieve this awareness! Wish me luck and help me out!

Nebraska Public Land Owner
Trenton Gaskill

To help protect and preserve America's public lands for everyone present and future and to learn more about our public lands hiking around them. For FUN!

I'm 24 and a 4th generation Utah public land hunter, training a new GSP pup along the way.
Sabrina Schuler

I am hiking to support my BSU BHA collegiate club through active engagement, and to overall raise money for one of the best conservation groups out there. I hike for BHA because they have provided me with so many fulfilling opportunities on a personal note, and I would like to give back anyway I can to support them and their missions.

All-that-pertains-to-nature Woman, conservationist, ecologist, tree-hugger, avid adventurer, hunting & fishing, plant enthusiast, bird nerd
Dj Zor

Nobody does more for public access and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation than BHA. 

Calmer than you are dude.
Adam Leitschuh

To help protect public lands and waters.

I have been involved with BHA state chapter BOD since 2017. Current Chairman of Nebraska BHA Chapter.
Tim Brass

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is the only sportsmen organization dedicated to speaking-up for the public lands, public waters and public access we all depend on.  Please consider contributing to our work as I set out raise $1,000 for public lands and water conservation and access by hiking 250 miles by July 31st.

Ricky Brule

I want to assist in continuing the outdoor heritage.  Private lands are being gobbled up by concrete roads and buildings. We must keep our public lands public, in order to maintain retreat from the every day work week and have a place to pass down outdoor traditions.  Please support me in my efforts to ensure that can happen for many more generations.  

Grew up in Northwest Minnesota, hunting and fishing with my dad and uncles. Always enjoyed anything outdoors, especially if I have a bow and a pair of binoculars in my hands.
Andrew Kafka

I was born and raised in Montana and a passion for the outdoors has been in my blood since day one. Hunting and recreating outdoors is my escape from the every day grind. Our public lands are truly a place where one can find peace and solitude. Montana BHA and all other BHA state chapters are on the front lines fighting the battles to ensure public lands stay in public hands and that our wild places stay pristine. Please me raise money for this wonderful organization to ensure that we can all continue the traditions we hold so dear and can pass them down for generations to come. 

I am a student PT at the University Of Montana. I have a beautiful wife and a 2 year old lab named Harper.
Steve Craig

You don't have to be a hunter to believe in the work of BHA. Anyone who hikes, mountain bikes, camps, etc does so on federal or state public lands. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is protecting our access to these public lands and working to create new opportunities.

Real estate broker in Leavenworth, WA. Time outdoors cancels out the insanity.
Sara Blanchard

I want to get outdoors and raise funds for BHA as a public land owner!

I'm a mother of two young boys and have hunted with my family my entire life. I enjoy Oregon's public lands and want to share that love with my children.
Hannah Bullock

I am participating in BHA's Hike to Hunt this year to raise money for and awareness of Backcountry Hunters and Angers' mission to protect public lands for people to enjoy hunting and fishing and to get in better shape for the fall hunting season.

Land manager for the Monadnock Conservancy in Keene, NH, hunter, angler, living in the Monadnock Region with my wife, two dogs, cat, and chickens.
Aaron Yaklin

Im fundraising for Hike to Hunt to help keep public lands open for eveyone to enjoy.

I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I enjoy doing everything outdoors with my family.
Ben Schile

I spend many days in the woods every year and I do not agree with how my state manages lands, maybe this challenge can help invoke change at a higher level. 

I like campfires, sunsets, extreme adventures and good bourbon.
Don DeLorenzo

To get in shape for hunting season and because my daughter needs a hiking buddy. 

Retired biologist and public land hunter.
Scott Hoffman

Get back into shape, money for conservation!

Reno born and raised.
Eric Kerkman

In the last 10 years I’ve learned about public land hunting.  I’ve always enjoyed fishing on public lakes and recently enjoyed time hiking in wilderness areas.  These lands need to remain open and accessible so people can enjoy there ,many wonders as I have. 

I’m a hunter, fisher and outdoorsman who enjoys wild places and likes being out of cell phone range.
Bob Lux
Avid fly fisherman and bow hunter focused on public land.
Ryan Pentimalli

I am looking to use hike to hunt as a motivator to get out and see new public lands that i am not accustomed to. i have fallen int he rut of hunting and hiking the same old spots. 

Andrew Martin

I'm hiking to show my support of public land conservation and hunting!

I grew up hunting and fishing in Georgia. Over the course of the past ten years, I've develop a deeper appreciation for our wild places and I want to share that passion with more people.
Mark Cordes
I am a San Franciscan who hunts pigs & deer (really badly I am a total tenderfoot) and loves to backcountry backpack
Bryan Czajka

Because I'm already out hiking and this is a simple way to highlight the issues that our public lands face. They are worth contributing some time and money for. I enjoy seeing my kids learn and play out on the land and waters that we all own.

Just another normal husband and father to three kids. Also, Michigan is better than Ohio.
Jedediah Reece

For public lands!

A dude that likes the outdoors
Erin White

Whether you’re human, big game, or a wildflower, public lands make a healthy life possible.

Writer, editor, hunter, angler, wildflower geek
Heather Gostisha
Outdoors wife and mom.
Andrew Kennedy
Newly retired and ready to spend more time afield.
Brian Tritabaugh
Keep Hammering
Michael Monroe

BHA is working hard to make sure all of us have access to our public lands and waters. Without that our hunting and fishing opportunities would be severely limited. Please join me in supporting this cause.

Spencer Peterson

To ensure that my son, and future generations will have public lands to explore. 

Marshall Lenth

I’m fundraising to keep public lands public for all to enjoy for future generations. 

Western Slope of Colorado Conservationist
Emily Jacob

To keep public lands in public hands. BHA is capable of making sure public lands stay public, as long as we support them.

I enjoy traveling to hunt wild birds on public land with my Pudelpointer Sora.
Jesus Santos

I want to help preserve and expand the access that lovers of the outdoors have to the national treasure that is our public lands, especially in Texas.

I am a Christian husband and father who loves to be outside in big spaces.
Chris Gordon

We all use Public Land to recreate, hunt, fish, and escape our busy lives.  Backcountry Hunters and Anglers supports keeping public access to OUR Public Lands.  As members of BHA, we are stewards of the land.  Our purpose is to preserve and protect wild places for our children, and generations to come.  BHA works with chapters across the USA to support everything from local water resource volunteer work to helping support legislation that protects Public lands and wilderness habitats across the USA.

Father, hunter, and outdoorsman. Living in Tucson Arizona.
Jeffrey Petersen
Backpacking, fly-fishing, whitetail hunting, life long Michigander.
Jared Anna

To keep public lands in public hands!

Cody Hauschel
I am avid hunter and fisherman out here on the plains in Kansas.
pat holicky

Just a fella that likes huntin' and walkin' around in the woods
Dan M

Encourage fitness and outdoor experiences

New father and paramedic student
Jordan Linger

BHA and public lands are close to my heart. I've spent most of my childhood in the woods and the better part of my adult life.

I'm a person who has a passion for anything outdoors and I do everything I can on our public lands
Melissa Hendrickson

I love the mission of BHA.

Melissa grew up in Northern Maine generally spending a lot of time outdoors. She started hunting after moving to Idaho for work in 2014. Melissa is a former public land hydrologist, current North Idaho Co-Chair of the State Board and SAHM.
Parker Abbott

To keep are public lands in public hands

I love to fish!
Jacob Thompson

First year participating in hike to hunt and want to get into better shape for next season.

I’m a hunter from Louisiana.
Matthew Clay

Public lands are the greatest tool in providing equitable opportunities for all to experience the outdoors.

Education Professor at Fort Hays State University
Wayne Engeron

My goal is to help raise money for public lands and raise awareness for the organization in the Southeast.

Georgia Chapter R3 Coordinator
Matt Bliss

I am fundraising to help Backcountry Hunter's and Anglers raise funds to protect our public lands and waters!

I am a health and fitness coach who loves to share outdoor experiences with people!
Nicole Zickler
I have a 18yo daughter and a 11yo son. My husband and I have been married 19 years. I love the outdoors and I'm passionate about public lands!
Dane Rider

I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt to support BHA in fighting for public access, fair chase and habitat.

MT BHA Board Member based in Lewistown, MT - living the dream.
Cory Ross

Raising money for a good cause and motivating me to hike harder!

I’m and avid outdoorsman who uses our public lands weekly to Hike - Hunt - Fish - Decompress
Paul Robinson

I want to raise funds for conservation funds so future generations can have the same or better opportunities to hunt public lands.

I am a veteran and I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors roaming trails, fishing and hunting.
Jonathan Ingram

Because I love public land and/or I have grown quite rotund.

I spend my volunteer time focused on protecting and expanding public land and water for all who use it.
Kai Schafer

Public lands are necessary for future generations and I’ve enjoyed almost all my favorite hunts on public lands.

Bear biologist
Chris Brenner
Fat outdoorsman.
John Rasmussen II

Getting in better shape to be ready to hit the backcountry public lands! I want to raise funds to protect and enhance our public lands.

I have been fond of the outdoors from my earliest recollection due to my grandparents and parents. Lifelong LEO. Lifelong hunter and fisherman.
Julie & Noble Gabrielson

As much as I believe in and support the mission of BHA, the fundraising aspect of this is secondary to my love for a challenge. 

Grandma that loves the outdoors. Hiking, archery hunting and fishing!
Larry Ortega

Keeping public lands in public hands. Non-partisan.

Physical and mental therapy are important. I can find both of these on our public land.
Sam Platt

It’s a wonderful way to promote hunting and conservation amongst multiple types of public land users!

I live and work in Central Oregon. Proud father of two amazing kiddos and husband to a beautiful wife!
Olen Brister

I’m hiking to raise money for the public lands and waters that hold a special place in my heart. I am pledging to walk 1 mile for every $5 raised between June 1 and July 31. My goal is to raise $500 and I invite all my friends to donate through my profile or to join me and sign up for the Hike to Hunt Challenge!


Every dollar counts and thanks in advance for your dedication to one of the greatest American ideals...public lands and waters!

Hunter, fisherman, public landowner.
Greg Harrie

Caribou season is around the corner

Full time RN at the Alaska Native Medical Center
Alex Turock

To support maintenance and access to our public lands.

I like to hunt, fish, and make music.
Matthew Bry

Public lands are under attack from people who want to plunder their resources with no regard for the future, and need all our support as users of them.  I am joining Hike to Hunt to both raise money for a worthy cause and to encourage myself to get out on the trails more.

I live in Seattle and am a PNW native. My favorite summer activities are fishing in alpine lakes and getting out beyond road noise and cell phone coverage..
Kelsey Johnson

Hiking- it's my thing! 99% of my hiking or trail running is done on public lands. Fundraising for Hike to Hunt is the perfect marriage of enjoying the outdoors and raising money to ensure its existence and stewardship. 

I am a professional agriculturalist and artist who above all else loves spending time outside. I live in Bozeman with my awesome pup, boyfriend, and friends where we relish access to surrounding mountains, prairie, and waters.
Ryan Ward

I love doing hike to hunt. This is my 3rd year participating. I think it's a great way for people to get outside while raising money for BHA and conservation 

Joel Campbell

As most folks know, my favorite things to do are Rucking and Hunting. The two to hand in hand when you look at Rucking the same as Hiking. Backcountru Hunters and Anglers is a great foundation that supports conservation and access for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, not just hunters and Anglers. Please consider donating and letsra up some miles for a good cause.

I enjoy all things wildlife and outdoors. Hunting and hiking are my favorite ways to spend time outdoors.
Vincent Bahm
Chapter Treasurer for Southeast BHA, representing Louisiana.
Spencer Williams
I'm a husband, dad, and conservation-minded outdoorsman. I grew up hunting and fishing on public land here in Iowa and I share the values of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.
Jason Williams

Public Lands Conservation

Mikkel Hylden

Helping to protect wild places.

I just love being out in the wild places away from the crowds.
David Allen

To help generate funds for improving habitat. And to get myself back into shape.

Life long fisher, hunter. I have conducted and participated in many habitat restoration projects. I will continue to work toward a healthy habitats for the wildlife and for public access to public land.
Nathan Hurliman

To cut da Fat, eat da Protein! 

Dadzilla and husband with a hunger for wild Protein!
John Smith

I hunt public lands, on foot in the back country and enjoy all they have to offer as often as I can.

I enjoy fly fishing alpine lakes and back country waterways as often as I can.

I hunt public lands, on foot in the back country and enjoy all they have to offer as often as I can. I enjoy fly fishing alpine lakes and back country waterways as often as I can.
Mark Rossow
Hunter, Angler, and Wild Horse and Burro Enthusiast
Jason Ceola

Hiking and hunting are two of my favorite things and in Arizona both rely heavily on the availability of public land. When I see what wonders public land has to offer, especially in the west, I am thankful to  land those who had the  foresight to set it aside for preservation.  Unfortunately, that same land is always danger from those who look at unspoiled territory and think "we could log and mine and develop this for so much money."

I also like to garden heirloom tomatoes.
John Pierce

Get in shape for elk hunting & raise some money for a good cause.

Live in Oregon. Love to hunt & fish. Interested in conservation and public land management.
Zack Dotson

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Northern Nevada and California, where I spent much of my time in the outdoors with my family. Through this, I was able to to create strong bonds with those that I love, while also learning the respect and importance of our wild lands.

After leaving home for the better part of a decade, I returned to find that much of the land in which I grew up hunting had been made private, or had been choked off to public access by private investors, all

of which has resulted in lost opportunities for myself, and thousands of other fathers to bond with and teach their children the importance of our wildlife and ecosystems.


Backcountry Hunters Association exists to provide hunters, fishermen and women, and general outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy our public lands with their loved ones. I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt because I love to be outdoors, and if I can help the cause to keep public lands public, then why not?

Husband, Father, Public Land Owner
Brian Degan

why not?!

Avid outdoorsman, family man, and biologist
Rob Zappia

I support healthy and active outdoor lifestyles.

I enjoy the smell of fresh pines, bear poop, and
Mitchell Meuser

I love BHA, love hiking, love hunting!

Southwest PA born and raised. Obsessed with the outdoors!
Jacob Bliss

Public lands are needed now more than ever. They aren’t making new public recreation areas so we must preserve and protect the ones we have now. 

Full-time CRNA that tries to get outdoors as much as possible on his days off. Looking forward to my first elk hunt this fall and maybe some other critters in Wyoming
Chris Hennessey

I support BHA because our North American public lands are a national treasure. We must conserve them and keep them wild for our generation and for those to come. 

Eastern Field Director for BHA. Working with chapter leaders and members to conserve and protect access to our public lands and waters. Mainly a Keystone State hunter and angler, but loves having public land everywhere he goes.
Luke Thorkildsen
VP Sales, Marketing, and Product Development for Weatherby.
David Loessberg

I am planning to hike / trail run the mountains all summer anyway, so might as well support a worthy cause at the same time!

I run to stay in shape for hunting season.
Kevin Nunnelee

To raise awareness about BHA and their fight to protect our wild public lands. Also, it will motivate me to get out there and explore new WMAs across my state.

Oklahoma BHA Chapter Leader. Obsessed fly fisherman and conservationist.
Dillon O'Hare

I'm fundraising for Hike to Hunt for two reasons, to support BHA and their mission and to make sure I'm in good enough shape to chase elk up and down the Rocky Mountains come September. 

I'm relatively new to hunting in the west, though I cut my teeth chasing whitetails in Alabama. Mobilizing capital to conservation initiatives is how I contribute to greater conservation outcomes.
Bryan Stutz

I like the idea of the Hunt to Hike as a motivator to get out and hike, as a way to get in shape for hunting season this fall. 

Professional educator and family man who loves to hunt and fish.
Chris Moosios

Obviously, as a member, my primary concern is wildlife conservation. I live in a city where there isn't much hunting activity or opportunities, so I rely on our public lands elsewhere to enjoy that freedom. However, I also live in a region where hiking and general outdoorsing is in abundance, and a common thing for me, is an awesome chance to add a few extra dollars to a Great cause!

I'm an outdoors enthusiast that thoroughly enjoys our public lands!
Justin Thomas

Raise money for conservation and public lands. Prepare for October elk hunt.

Robert Elsom

To help provide access to public lands

I'm a recent college grad that spends almost every weekend in some public land.
Dylan Robison

I’m hiking because I love recreating on our public lands and I want to do my part to help keep them clean, improve access to them and let others know how special they are. 

Im from California, I’m an ER tech, and a nursing student.
Jason Beardslee
Hunter, hiker, dog person
Travis Macy

Stoked about supporting BHA, public lands, and organ donation.

Outdoorsman, father, endurance coach, athlete
Nathan Krause
Just an old guy who loves the outdoors.
Tony Wendland

Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands!

Love to hunt an fish!
Gary Maerz

For the love of public lands and waters. For my children. For those in the "womb of time."

Writer ~ Angler ~ Fashionably Late Hunter ~ NY Board Treasurer ~ 2% Certified Committee Member
Stephen Ensminger

To support BHA and protect our Public Lands

As the Communications Chair for the New Mexico Chapter of BHA, my focus is to engage on issues of conservation and to be an advocate for the protection of our natural resources and our wild pubic lands. 
Jacob Philbrick

Because I like both hiking and hunting

I like both hiking and hunting
Aaron Cline
In short, I am an outdoor enthusiast. Anything to do outdoors, I want to be a part of it.
Adam Guenther

I love being able to utilize public lands and hope my kids will have even more public land to explore as they grow!

I'm from Wisconsin and have recently started venturing into western back country hunting.
Jon Becker

A chance to raise some money for our public lands, but most importantly, raise awareness of our shared natural resources! 

Husband, Father, Public Landowner - limited free time to hike but will choose it every time.
Jeff Lewis

Support and protect our public lands and waters!

Public land hunter trying to stay in shape between seasons!
Richard DeVreese

To not only help conserve our public lands and water but make them better! 

Northern Michigan Outdoorsman
Brandon Emerson

Greater access and preservation for public lands

Outdoorsman, husband, father of 3 and engineer.
Antun Radencic
Being outdoors is a major part of who I am, and anything I can do to enhance and share that with others is great!
Danny Stewart

I support everything outdoors, i live my life outdoors.

I grew up in the Birmingham, AL suburbs, always walking someplace to fish, a creek, stream or in the lake at my Grand parents place. My fishing has expanded over the years, fishing for trout in NC, TN, AL, MT, WY, WA, AK just to mention a few, I didn't le
Jose Silva

Raise funds for the amazing BHA and get in better shape for the 2020 Hunting Season

Hunter based in Southern California
Michael Carroll

Raising money for public lands and getting in shape for hunting season, whats not to like? 

Western Oregon hunter and angler
Tyler Dale

I want to help support our public lands in any way possible!

Grew up hunting out West and now live in Virginia. Avidly learning how to become an Eastern hunter
John Grundhauser
Late start hunter and fly fisherman, avid outdoorsman and photographer.
Jeb Brown

In the name of our great, public lands.

Take a kid outdoors. The future of our world depends on it.
James Karambay

A great opportunity to train and support a great conservation organization!

I'm a relatively new hunter working hard to harvest my first elk with a bow.
Matthew Voelker

I’m fundraising for BHA to help continue the fight to keep our public lands in public hands! So if you enjoy public lands help us fight for them! 

Just a public land user trying to do my part.
Bruce Bennett
Young outdoorsman in a middle aged body. OH-NY-FL-CA-KS
Clint Spade

I am fundraising for hike to hunt cause the money goes to a good cause. Public lands are very important and we need to keep them around. They are used by many for many different reasons. I enjoy using them whether its hiking, hunting. Fishing, hiking, or mushroom hunting. 

Huge outdoorsman that enjoys everything in the outdoors.
Phillip Lamb

To help spread awareness of public lands issues

Nerd, outdoorsman, hunter, DIY-er, chicken landlord.
Eric Olson

Always loved being in the woods and even better if I can hunt or fish while I'm there.

Northern Michigan raised
Jesse Franklin

I can't imagine a scenario where my children don't have the luxury to hunt,fish or just chill in woods or on the side of a body of water. These are things I took advantage of as a kid with my brothers and cousins, so I only want this to continue for mine and all generations to come.

Adam Simard

Our land is one of the most valuable resources we have and it is under constant threat of being sold to private parties for development. The best way to preserve these resources to guarantee the livelihood of the animals and plants that depend on this habitat is to prevent its destruction in the first place. These lands belong to the public so get out there, enjoy being outdoors, and rediscover what its like to be part of nature!

Spending time outside hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping has given me a new appreciation for the ecosystem we live in. I want to work to ensure that others can share the same experience for generations to come.
Justin Wurl

To build awareness for the issues facing our wild public lands and waters. Lets keep our wild places wild!!!

Avid hunter and Family Man
Keith Leonard

To support our Public Lands and explore this beautiful world. I strongly support our public lands and encourage everyone to enjoy them for generations to come, as long as they’re respectful of the land. Whether it’s hiking, exploring, mountaineering, fishing, hunting or anything enjoying our public lands, it is imperative that humans connect to nature. 

Whether it’s on the water or in the mountains, I love being outdoors.
Haley Sankey

A love for everything outdoors

Works on a computer, dreams of making a living outside.
Cade Olson

To motivate myself to get out and move! Living in a city, it can be tough. But that just means I'll have to get creative!

NH native living in western PA. Re-introduced to hunting in 2016 after a two-decade hiatus, and interested to help drive access, engagement, retention and conservation initiatives in this space!
Grady Terry


Wildlife Biologist from central Texas.
Joshua Urban

For a good cause

I am a full time firefighter, pest control, avid outdoorsman
Cody Boyd

The outdoors has always been a place of peace and rest for my mind. In recent years, I have put forth a big effort to explore public lands in both Wisconsin, and beautiful states such as Wyoming, Idaho, and this year Montana. I hope to raise awareness on public land transfer; more specifically the transfer of ownership from federal to state control and why it is not good for our future. Keep it public and keep our public lands in public hands!

Bow hunter and trout bum obsessed with the mountain view!
Michelle Ratzlaff

I believe in BHA!!!! GO TEAM GO!!!!

I am passionate about getting people outside to enjoy our public lands!!!!
Ryan Hess

"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children."
-John James Audubon

So there I was..
Molly Beaupre

To help pay it back and keep our public lands open and clean for us as well as future generations. It's so important to educate others about protecting these places so they don't disappear. People need to know that hunters and anglers do more than just hunt for the biggest rack and try to catch the largest fish. We advocate and do projects for public land so everyone can enjoy it. We also just like some good old fashioned hiking too!

Newbie raiser of pack goats, hunter, and beginning angler in Nevada. I love to cook with game in new ways, old ways and talk to others about my experiences with harvesting your own meat.
Paul Steinau
California transplant, passionate hunter and outdoorsman
Edward Oehlman

To support Public Lands. To raise awareness of public lands in U.S.

A Forester from Indiana, enjoy hiking and hunting and do most of both on public lands.
Jordan Stevens
Adult-onset Hunter. Lifelong outdoorsman
Ryan Howerton

Keep Public land public

I like to hunt and fish.
Rebecca Long
Love Family, Horses, and my Jeep!!!
Matt Gwerder

I believe that it’s a great cause and it gets people outdoors and active! We need more of that!

30 year old outdoor nut that loves to help people and organizations get better!
Zack Mcvay

I spend a lot of time beating the brush For work as well as pleasure so might as well Raise some money while I’m at it. 🤘

31, Oregon boy, father of two amazing kiddos, hunting’s day the great outdoors is my life.
Russell Williams

So children can experience the great outdoors 

Derek Rice

I'm fundraising for conservation and hunting awareness, as well as preservation of hunting heritage and the outdoors.

Tara Bullock
Owner and Certified Instructor at Bullock's Archery. I'm an outdoor kind of girl.
Jody Caines

Contribute to raising the trend of outdoor exploration and conservation 

Always learning
Ashley Kurtenbach

To help contribute to the overall fundraising goal, while getting in shape for hunting season. 

South Dakota gal, who eats, sleeps and breathes the great outdoors. See ya on the trail!
Dustin Nation

Raise money and awareness for our public lands and show people there is more to this country than our typical day to day lives.

Hunter, angler, outdoor enthusiast
Mathew Martinez

To raise money? Or to have another reason to get in shape outside of round -IDK U DECIDE

Put in as much as you take out.
Bobby Cole

I am participating in the hike to hunt challenge to bring awareness to the fact that only 1.9% of KS is public land and that we need to protect that land for future generations.

Father, Husband Outdoorsmen. I love my family and I love my country.
Bryan Stanton

like many others I have fallen off the fitness train and with a son on the way and future hunting aspirations, I need to get myself back on the right track so I’m doing this for not only myself but for my son and to hopefully motivate a few others to get out and get active! 

Heavy duty truck mechanic. Born with a fishing rod in one hand and a bow in the other. My first son is on the way(August 2020). Veteran. Lover of ice cream.
Brandon Brandt

To keep public lands public.

Time to get in shape for elk season!!! #isitseptemberyet
Charles Ek

I grew up canoeing and camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. I've also been fortunate to live in several other places near large tracts of wild lands. I want to help preserve similar opportunities for future generations.

Lifelong paddler and backpacker. Avid traditional bowhunter for the last fifteen years.
Jason Ripp

Can’t hurt? Public lands and wild places are worth preserving. 

Pretty boring really. Just about to walk around a lot
Justin Nelson

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is the future of conservation. We must bridge the gap between all public land users to unite in our common goals. 

“We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.” - Lester Brown.
Katie DeLorenzo

To support my most-loved conservation organization and the public lands that make my outdoor lifestyle possible and get in shape for my high country Muzzleloader mule deer hunt!

As BHA's Western Regional Manager Katie supports Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and other coordinators across the west. When not working, she's exploring the Southwest with her husband, toddler and black lab, cooking wild game, and shooting her bow.
Jorge Ramirez

To bring awareness about the uplands and our public land!

SoCal Upland Hunter. Wild Birds and No-Dog. UPLAND-JITSU!
Ryan Pigg

To support BHA while getting fit for the backcountry. 

Missouri BHA Board of Directors.
Jeff Barney

Helps motivate me to get in shape for the fall.


I'm about chukar hunting, archery elk and catching wild fish in the Idaho backcountry. Everyone should support BHA and public lands!!
Matthew Snyder

I am participating in this year’s Hike to Hunt with my one year old daughter. I will be taking her along in a baby carrier for as many hikes as possible while showing her our public lands and helping raise money to keep those public lands accessible for her and future generations. 

Josh Watts

I support BHA to ensure that myself as well as future generations have wild places on which to hunt, fish, and recreate.

Chair, Southeast Chapter BHA
Kirk Port
North Carolina chapter board member
Brandon Skiver

Hiking to help my health and protect our public lands.

Andrew Monaghan

Hike to Hunt supports BHA's public land advocacy, but it also motivates and inspires the individual to get out and enjoy our public lands. It is fun and rewarding. 

I am the current chair of the board of directors of the Southeast Chapter and a public land hunting and fishing fanatic. Please contact me regarding issues , ideas, concerns, and suggestions in the Southeast and beyond.
Howard Whiteman

Because now more than ever, Public Lands needs us.  

Professor, hunter, writer, metalhead, angler, not necessarily in that order.
Ryan Silcox

To support our public lands, waters and wildlife.

Cameron Sides

It’s an easy way to make our hikes raise some funds for a good cause. 

Family man. Contractor. Hunter.
Gabriel Thurman

To raise awareness of the continued fight for public access in our great state of Kansas.

Kansas native, board member for local state chapter.
Kyle Kingston

I'm a returning hunter after a long absence from the sport and I love what BHA is about 

Washington based, been outta the game for about 12 years
Dwayne Cossey
I live and recreate in the great Pacific Northwest.
Bergen Vermette

Raising money for a good cause. Spending time on the trails with the next generation. 

Katie McKalip

Descendant of coal miners, fur trappers, ice fishermen and schoolteachers from Pennsylvania, Katie McKalip grew up with a front row seat to the politicking of Washington, D.C., thanks to her military upbringing. After college in Virginia, she landed in western Montana, where she spends a lot of time outdoors and engages in policy making from a distance. Katie joined the BHA team following a seven-year stint with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, where she led the TRCP’s media outreach and other communications work. She also helped realize founder Jim Range’s vision of the TRCP as an influencer of sportsmen-driven conservation policy and a center point in the outdoors and hunting and angling constituencies. She is actively involved with the boards of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, where she directed communications before moving to the TRCP, and Conservation Hawks, which levies sportsmen’s political muscle to advance effective approaches to climate change. She has an M.S. from the University of Montana and a B.A. from The College of William & Mary. For her master’s thesis, she wrote a manuscript on the history of mining – camps, communities and colorful characters – in the area now known as Rocky Mountain National Park. Married to a Montanan who’s hunted since he was 12, Katie especially enjoys upland hunting with good friends and great dogs, cross country skiing Montana’s hills and river bottoms, and summertime paddles in sun dappled mountain streams, ideally with her two kids in tow.
Vice president, communications and marketing, Ruffed Grouse Society & American Woodcock Society
Jesse Kurtenbach


Average Hunter. Awesome Bow/gun hiker!!
Ronald Tucker

BHA is all about access and opportunity! Hike to Hunt advances that while bringing awareness to our conversation and access for all!

I love the outdoors - plain and simple. My efforts in this organization are geared towards increasing access, stronger conservation through sound science, and ethical Wildcraft. Education and protection are the cornerstone of good conservation.
John Mahrle

I'm a recovering farmer, still involved in agriculture just now on the commercial end. Now that I no longer farm I have more time to fly fish and hunt, you can also find me out in the woods horseback riding or canoeing with my wife.
Jamie Carlson

Jamie Carlson is a hunting, fishing, and foraging enthusiast. He lives in Burnsville Minnesota with his wife, 2 kids, and their Wire-haired pointer. He works as a registered nurse at the VA hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and the great outdoors and when he can, he loves to combine the two. Jamie enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, particularly those who are new to hunting, fishing, and cooking in the great outdoors. He is a contributing food writer for The Outdoor News and Modern Carnivore.

Hunter, Fisher, forager, outdoor lover
David Diekmann

I would like to generate funds for the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers organization while getting in shape for my high elevation hunts later this year!

I love to hunt but don't get out enough. Need to expand my lungs, strengthen my legs, and prep for 10,000'+ elevation hunts!
Aeric Reilly

Conservation is what it's all about.

Life long out door fanatic
Robert Parkins

Support BHA and all the advocates for our public lands and waters

Public Access Coordinator
Clark Dodd

I'm a bit younger than Uncle Randy, have a bit more hair than Land, and more than a bit cooler than Paul Kemper.
James Jubran

To protect wild places and outdoor heritage. 

I’m a father who wants my son to have the amazing outdoors experiences that have helped shaped me as a man.
Michael Machnicki

I've been a supporter of Back Country Hunters and Anglers for a handful of years now. I am proud to support a platform that gives a voice for hunters, anglers, and general lovers of the outdoors and our shared wild places. Funds raised during Hike to Hunt will have a direct impact on access and opportunity to publics lands and waters.

I'm an avid hunter and angler hailing from the Midwest. Recently took up running and keeping at it as long as the knees hold up!
Gerard Mulford

I love spending time in the outdoors, whether camping, hiking, hunting, or just hanging out.  BHA is an organization that helps preserve public lands for everyone, and worth supporting

Dad passing along love for the outdoors to my kids, Scoutmaster, and occasional hunter.
Chris Smith

Bringing awareness to public lands and waters. 

An OklaTexan who eats, sleeps and breathes hunting, fishing and all things outdoors.
Jake Sieve

I’m fundraising for Hike to Hunt because I believe in our public lands, and want to spread awareness and enthusiasm for them!

I am an adult-onset hunter, lifetime fisherman, and kid at heart.
Adam Whitney

Save the BWCA and NO pebble mine

Hunter pilot fisherman adventurer extraordinaire
Steven Christian

We need to protect our public lands and access from being whittled away. I may never make to some of our public lands, but I like to know they are out there. I want them to be there for my children's children. 

Christopher Peterson

To help raise money for an organization that does amazing things in conservation and advocacy for hunters and anglers.  Also to get myself into good trail shape.

I love to hunt and fish. I want future generations to enjoy the same.
Bradley Dean
Father, husband, hunter, fisher and of course hiker!
Jack Sorum

BHA is the greatest conservation organization in this country, preserving and protecting our pubic lands.  I am a board member of the newly formed North Dakota chapter and am excited to see our chapter grow and do great things for public land and conservation. 

I have hunted public lands my whole life in various Western States. Love the great privilege to hunt, fish, and hike these awesome lands and am excited to be a BHA member to keep these lands public, wild, with great habitat.
Michael Gostisha

To ensure our hunting traditions stay alive for generations to come. 

I am from Wisconsin and I live for the outdoors.
Shawn McLeod

Raise funds for our backcountry areas so that they are present in the future for my daughter Abby.

Out of shape, middle aged male nurse, and father of an 1.5yo little girl.
Obie Gutierrez

I want to give back to the public lands that I have worked and recreated on for so long, and raising funds for this amazing organization that works hard to fight for these lands is a no brainer! The motivation to get into shape is a nice bonus! 

I'm just an ordinary guy looking to help protect our public lands.
Mark Gilmore

To raise awareness for conservation and pursuit of fair Chase and hunting ethics.

Tim Harris

I support BHA because I feel our public lands are an important part of what makes the US and Canada different from the rest of the world.   My dog and I are either hiking, fly fishing, scouting or hunting on some form of public land almost daily and I am blessed to be surrounded by so much of it.   

Avid flyfisher, hunter, hiker, forager and Aussie Labradoodle lover.
Wendy Dodd

Our public lands are the best idea we ever had.  I'd like to bring awareness and value to those that may not understand what we have and what we could lose.  

Trying to balance the need to better the world and enjoy the world as much as possible.
Richard Rusch

BHA is committed to ensuring public access for hunting and fishing in America's backcountry areas...Who can argue with that?

Doing basic dude stuff. CO native. Blessed by a fantastic family and friends. Love Jesus.
Josh Veverka

To get in shape (I'm motivated by money) and to raise awareness of public lands issues in the Eastern US.

Father, husband, hunter. Oldish, fat-guy with bad knees. Capital Chapter Boardmember.
Sam Oliver

Get my ass in shape. Spend time with family. Get outside. Contribute to conservation. 

I want to hike.
Seth Schuster
Avid hunter, OK Chapter Board Member
Kyle Hinners
Avid outdoorsman, dad, husband. Work hard play hard
Jacob Sheffield
Hunter and angler in Eagle, ID
Caitlin Frisbie
Executive Assistant at GCS, a GIS solutions company.
Ace Hess

To raise both money and awareness for America's public land legacy.

High Divide and Idaho Chapter Coordinator
Alyssa Heaton

Well first of all, I like to hike and hunt. But additionally, Americans' public lands are one of our greatest gifts. The right to equal access to these beautiful outdoor spaces should not be taken lightly or thrown away. And as we all know in our bones, and scientific evidence backs up, everybody is better and healthier with nature in their lives!

Also, my toddler sure throws fewer tantrums when we're outside, and that's a benefit for everyone, ha!

I'm a toddler mom, a Kansan-turned-Coloradoan, a lover of the wide world and of tiny worlds too.
Jake Walker
Jake is the Communications Chair for the Texas Chapter of BHA. He lives deep in the heart of Austin, TX.
Dustin Lindley

It's a great way to support BHA and you get to suffer a whole bunch and maybe be a little less winded in the September mountains.

I'm a southwest Ohio outdoor generalist, chasing hybrids and spoonbills and deer and turks, and I make it out west to hunt once a year.
Ian Schofield

Protection of public lands.

Ian Schofield
Greg Baisden

To support BHA and the work they do for public land. 

Avid bowhunter
Joel Smith

Anything I can do to benefit the protection of our public lands is a worthy cause.

Father, Hunter, Gardener, Conservationist, Fitness Entrepreneur
Logan Bollinger

To raise money for BHA

William Koepke

Make public lands safe for all.

Wisconsin native looking to make outdoor rec more inclusive. WI board of directors member.
Patrick Tucker

Support public lands. 

Born Pennsylvania, livin North Dakota, you'll find me anywhere in-between.
John Smith
NC Chapter Treasurer
Patrick Saunders
Massachusetts Board Member
Joshua Domke

BHA is on the frontlines in protecting our public lands. I want to be sure that my children and grandchildren are afforded the same opportunities I have enjoyed in my life hunting and recreating on public land.

Husband, father, Marine combat veteran, hunter, real estate broker.
Matt Hoffmann

This fundraiser is to help promote the knowledge and access to our public lands, health & fitness as well as current threats to our outdoor lifestyles. 

Ernie Berzai

I support BHA simply because it is one of few organizations that matches my beliefs.  I've learned more about public land, issues facing other areas of the country, and how to get involved through your website and of course the podcast.  Your podcast along with others similar interest ones have given a guy from Northern IN, now East TN, realization that hunting out West is a possibility.     

David Ross

Trying to set a good example for my kiddo while raising money to keep public lands in public hands.

Adult-Onset Hunter spending as much time as I can adventuring out-of-doors and cooking wild game
Scott Noyes

To honor the game I pursue 

Ben and James OBrien

So my son can enjoy the lands that have given to me. 

I podcast and such.
Matt Pierce
I’m a father of 2 Girls that have me wrapped around their fingers.
Don Meredith

To show my support for the good work Backcountry Hunters and Anglers does for our wild places in Alberta.

writer, editor and wildlife biologist
Robert Prigge
Environmental Engineer at ARCADIS. Primarly a whitetail hunter but getting into the western games.
Holly Webster

I am fundraising to support Back Country Hunters and Anglers to help further their mission to protecting our public lands and waters. These special places throughout Colorado and the rest of our country deserve our attention and support to keep them open to public use. 

I love getting out to hike, hunt, and fly fish with my husband, and our two dogs. 
Marshall Cooley

Love BHA! 
More miles now = less pain and more hunting in the fall. 

Fanatic fisherman turned wapiti wanderer.
Bruce Weidenhammer

Support for the love of public lands

I am an avid outdoorsman and I love nature
Brock Seese

To help support BHA and out public lands

Brandon Lister

Support our public lands and waters.

Life long outdoorsman.
Nate McKinney
I’m an avid outdoorsman. Love elk hunting the most but anything hunting and fishing.
steven babbitt

Public lands are one of America's greatest resources and we must work together to protect them.

I am a wildlife guide in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.
Eric Vannatta

To keep out public lands wild for generation to come.

Master's student at the University of Wyoming studying impacts of recreation on elk.
Ben Bishop
KY Board of Directors - 4th District Coordinator
Keith Slater
Father of three and avid hunter, even if I’m not the most successful.
Christian Flores

To help protect and fight for the valuable public lands we have left. 

Enjoyer of everything outdoors.
Cody Griffee

Promote hunting and fitness

Combat Veteran, wildland firefighter and avid hunter and angle
James Muschett

We all need to give back and get outdoors to protect our public lands. Come join us in the fields, forests, and on the trails.

Matt Bippes

To keep public lands in public hands. 

I’m not a hippie I just hike a lot.
Dylan Luckwell

Wild things, in wild places

Donald Evans

The reason I decided to join the BHA movement is to help preserve the lands that have provided some of my most treasured experiences in life.

John Wilson

I believe that supporting and protecting our public lands is vital. Protection for public land is one of the best legacies that we, as a generation of Americans, can have.

Brandon Moore

In support of wild places.  

I love all things outdoors and routinely backpack with one of the kids strapped on the back. I am a Spiritual Formation Pastor in Illinois.
James Elledge

Hike to hunt will get me outside, bring awareness to those who don't know the issues surrounding public lands, and hopefully raise some money to help out with those issues.

I love the outdoors and getting away from the city as much as possible. Hunting is one of the many activities that helps with that and brings me to new places I'd otherwise not know about.
Jeffrey Hancock

Because of their mission.

I love my family, my dogs, and my life. Hunting and fishing only make it better
Jonathan Stiles

I'm fundraising for Hike to Hunt because wild things and wild places mean so much to me and protecting them is so important. Let's get out there and protect what means so much to us!

Public land owner based in the great state of Vermont
Nera Crawford

To create awareness in alignment with the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Mission which is to ensure North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, through education and work on behalf of wild public lands and waters.

I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking, hunting and fishin'... Well just being outdoors. When not doing that you can find me in the field training my Labrador Retrievers and running Hunt Tests in the Western States.
Jason Lind

This is a great opportunity to make your miles mean something and help support the public land that we all own. I am hopeful that my kids can get the opportunity to enjoy public lands as much as I have. 

Father. Hunter. Fisherman. Public land owner.
Charles Tripp

Get in shape for hunting season while raising money for BHA

NM Chapter board I love to hunt, fish, and recreate in wild places
Land Tawney

I support BHA because they are THE organization making sure I have access to public lands and waters and the fish and wildlife habitat when I get there. 

Father, Husband, 5th generation Montanan and President/CEO of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Joe Steffen

To support are beautiful Public Lands!

I am a light-hearted adventuress outdoor enthusiast and proud WI board BHA board member!
Caitlin Curry

Public lands are my lifeblood - they have provided endless miles of trails to run, countless hunting adventures, and a home for the wildlife I love. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a non-profit conservation organization that is at the forefront of protecting public lands and waters for future generations. As a proud BHA board member and avid public lands enthusiast, I am fundraising in support of this noble mission of keeping public lands in public hands.

Caitlin is a public land owner and BHA chapter leader that loves all things outdoors, with special passions for bowhunting Western big game and trail running.
Jeff Amell

For one, it's a great cause - and it helps to build camaraderie among the other members in our growing Capital Chapter.   

I'm an east coast resident who makes the pilgrimage out west every year for adventure and glory.
Veronica Corbett

To improve stream access protections with an organization that cares. 

Joshua Soileau

To bring awareness to a uniquely American ideal--our public lands.  These lands are our lands, and should remain our lands (and our children's lands) forever.

Conservationist and Avid Outdoorsman
Joshua Bohannan

To help support the amazing western landscape and all that it give to us. 

A hunter, a fisher, a rafter, a hiker and a veteran
Chas Puntillo

Because public lands are badass and those who use them are badasses. Go outdoors and experience nature. And if you ever have the chance, experience the Boundary Waters. It will change you. 

Justin Jones

I'm fundraising to provide BHA with more opportunities to continue their work in both DC and the field

A BLM park ranger in Colorado
Bradley Allen

Raise awareness to public lands, fish, and wildlife conservation.

Military guy who hunts and flyfishes southern New Mexico
Andrew Mann
Outdoorsman and US Army Soldier
daniel burke

to put money to a good cause and get out in nature 

carpenter, hunter, fisherman, general outdoorsman
Beth Dykstra

Why not?

Love to hunt. Love to hike.
Kathie Langdon
Being in the mountains/back country is something we are passionate about. We love the outdoors, hunting, hiking, riding, we are there.
Jeannie Austin

To support and protect our public lands and waters

I am an wife and mom of 2 and I enjoy the outsoors
Troy Austin
I am a husband and dad of 2 amazing children. They are grown and getting back to the outdoors.
Deanna Backus

I would love to be apart of helping this great organization and our public lands!! 

I love spending time with my family outdoors!
Mathew Najmowicz

Because i love the outdoors and am passionate about wilderness education and conservation.

I am a fisherman and hiker who loves to explore new places
Dustin Nelson
Just a firearms instructor from Calgary.
Lauren Gaudette

Hike to Hunt is dedicated to motivating hunters and anglers, including myself, to get outside, get in shape, build awareness of the issues facing our wild public lands and waters and to raise funds for BHA's work. I have been following BHA, including the NM chapter, and I have seen some and been apart of their work and efforts. I stand with their mission and want to give my support not only by being a member myself, but raising funds for this amazing organization! 

I’m passionate about anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, and hiking. I strive to instill this same passion into my kids. We are blessed in the country to have public lands to hunt and I want to see that opportunity for generations to come!
Brian Keaveney

To help support our great outdoors for our use and future generations.

55 year old Arizona native who likes all things outdoors. Especially elk and deer hunting with my bow.
Frank Marrs

Support public land access!

I like to hike and hunt
Logan Reynolds

I view Hike to Hunt as an opportunity to push myself and to raise money for a cause I value. My father and I hope to hunt elk for the first time in September. That hunt will take place on public land, and it is because of organizations like BHA and the work they do that he and I have a place to go hunt. I will use the next two months to challenge myself physically, to put myself into better elk hunting shape, to engage with the BHA community, and to raise money for the future support of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

I am an avid hunter, writer, and philosopher. I dream of hunting big game around the world and earning a living as an author.
Guy Payne
Washingtonian obsessed with the great outdoors
Hobie Scarberry

Spreading awareness for all the accessible land we have and our fight to keep it that way

I love to hunt and explore new areas of the country as much as possible.
Lester Long

To get ready for hunting season

Love my family and my country
Paul Hernandez

Hiking to explore outdoors to appreciate this wonderful country that keeps public/crown land and to make sure it stays that way

First Generation hunter and lover of putdoors
Joshua Kushen

Friends and Family,

Some of you may know that the outdoors is my connection to the world and when I need to clear my mind, I feel at peace outside. I am fundraising in support of public land conservation to ensure that the hunting, trapping, and fishing heritage can be enjoyed for years to come. Many of the land we enjoy publicly will benefit from programs similar to this, I am hiking not only to re-establish my bond with the outdoors, but also in the hopes that you will donate during this time and know that you are preserving our public lands for future generations and enthusiast to enjoy.

Husband of 13 years, father of 3, Army vet still serving at 16 years. My passion is the outdoors and to ensure that this lineage is passed down to my children.
David Rodriguez
I enjoy fishing and hunting in south Florida as well as camping and backpacking.
John Mullen
In this adventure Baby Reagan (My 4 month old daughter riding in my baby carrier) , my wife and my two pups are planning to log 200 miles by the end of this. Wish us luck!
Kyle dahl
love anything outdoors signed up to help donate to help preserve and maintain th land i love.
Emily Iehl

Working to Recruit, Retain, and Reactivate awesome new and experienced combination hikers and hunters!

Lifetime hiker, adult onset hunter, crazy about dogs and vegetation.
Emily Machnicki
Mom of 2 beautiful children, teacher, and wife to a loving husband.
Sara Sloan
I’m here to strengthen my connection with the outdoors and add to conservation.
Joshua Jones

  I wanted to support my favorite pass time and get in better backpacking shape for some more backcountry hunts 

Dad had me in the field hunting the second I could walk. But I never had the time and resources for back county backpacking hunts, like I want to start getting in to
Matt Winsby

To get in shape for hunting season!

Amanda Freis

Because Grant Meyer made me lol 

I am an avid hiker and outdoors woman
Shane Morigeau
I'm a Native Montanan, proud outdoorsman, Rep. for State House District 95 and candidate for State Auditor.
Tony Vinca

Training for a hunt this fall and supporting Public Lands. Currently living in an area where Public Land is hard to come by. I miss being able to walk to the door and walk for days if I choose. 

Army Vet, Love anything outdoors
Benjamin Stables
I like to hunt, hike, and shoot bows!
Walker Italia

To help portect our public lands and spread awareness about the use of public lands and conservation in New England

I have never done anything like this so it will be fun to try out!
Hunter Geer

Just trying to help BHA any way I can!


Bradley Cridge

I want to be able to use Public Lands to hunt, and I want to get in shape in order to enjoy those Public Land hunts. Caring about where my food comes from, I want to increase awareness about Public Lands hunting in my community, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers has given me the tools to do just that. 

I am returning to hunting after about 20 years of forgetting the camaraderie of a hunt.
Peter Johnson
Introvert, Engineer, Outdoorsman looking to make a difference.
Edmund Chinchar
I like to hunt and fish but an easily distracted when I find turtles or when my pup is just rolling around and having a good time
Tanja Eiben

I am participating to remind myself and my friends and family how luck we are for the hunting and outdoor opportunities here in Arizona. I would like to show that even in the summer you can enjoy being active and outside in nature here and mentally and physically prepare for our Fall and Spring hunting season.

I am originally from Germany and immigrated to Yuma, AZ in 2006. I fell in love with the American Southwest and have become an avid proponent of being active in the great outdoors, as it serves as physical and mental therapy for all of us.
Kris Russell
West Michigan transplant learning and exploring the land.
Dustin Leonzio

I value the wilderness as a place all Canadians should have access to enjoy for all future generations. More and more these area are becoming undervalued, used as dumping grounds, or looked as solely useful for resource development.  Help me raise money to protect it while I walk from one end of it to the other fishing and hunting the whole way. 

I am a Father, husband, outdoorsman. Im more comfortable in the woods than the city
Gregory Thompson
I enjoy the outdoors, fly fishing along the Kern, and biking around.
Ryan Wagner

I hike to amazing beautiful places to fish and hunt on public lands. I want the next generations to experience the same places as they are now. 

I love everything that the outdoors has to offer.
Daniel Fell

Hike to Hunt is great way to support an awesome organization while getting myself back in shape at the same time.

Ryan Millunzi
Environmental scientist living in Colorado who enjoys public lands.
Tara Lopez

Doing my small part to help keep wild places wild, to set an example for my boys, and to get them out hiking and hunting with me. 

Crystal Betts

This is a great cause to support!

Love hunting, fishing, the outdoors.
Paul Dey

To support Back Country Hunters and Anglers. And to prepare for the hunt this fall! Gonna be chasing moose!

I am a hunting and fishing fool. Emphasis on fool.
Derek Meuser
Husband. Hunter. Environmentalist. Pittsburgh, PA
Alex Fredrickson

I joined hike to hunt to support and raise funds for BHA an organization that  shares the same goals and values as I do when it comes to hunting, fishing and our wildlife resources. Some of those ideas include promoting fair chase and ethical hunting practice, protecting public lands and increasing access opportunities and protecting the bwca from encroaching development.


Archer, Hunter, fisherman, adventurer, bwca regular
Zach Tillotson

I'm hunting more and more on public land and I believe in supporting the things you're passionate about. I'm also more and more aware that my physical fitness directly impacts my skill and abilities as a hunter. So this fundraiser is a perfect pairing of those two things. 

I've been a regular shooter and very casual hunter most my life. As I've grown up, my passion for hunting has grown to where it's my main hobby.
Mason Goeman
Avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, hunting, camping and fishing with my family
Joel Bryant

This is a great opportunity to raise money and awareness to support BHA as it's mission to keep and open more access to public land and water.  I am personally using this as motivation to spend more time exploring and enjoying our public lands.

I am a husband and father of four living in the suburbs and loves to be in the woods and on the water.
Ethan Smith

I am hiking to support conservation of our public lands, raise support for BHA, and keep myself healthy.

Hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman, and conservationist.
Michael Sanchez

I am raising funds for Hike to Hunt because I believe in everyone having access to public lands and to get out in the great outdoors!

I am 25, live in FL and enjoy being outside.
Cole Dunagan

I am joining this fundraiser to raise money and awareness for our sacred public land we all share as Americans. I cant think of a better way to get involved in the ongoing fight for the great outdoors. Even if I raise one dollar or influence one person to venture outside to these special places it will be a success.

I am an avid outdoorsmen in Northeast Georgia. I love to hunt, fish, camp, and hike.
Jesse Bedson

Put money back into my passion

All things outdoors Alberta
Ryan Mccann

It's my love for the great outdoors that made this an easy decision to participate in such a great cause. I always get excited for my next hiking, fishing or hunting trip.

I want to help raise funds so future generations have a place to do the same. So everyone can enjoy clean and safe public land for years and years to come. 

A family man with a passion for the outdoors.
David Heddy

As a public land owner, I have a duty to steward the land. This means that I will work towards conversation of the natural resources and creatures that call this place home. It also means that I will work towards preserving this as space for my family, your family and others to participate in rest, recreation and adventure. Let's join together to support the work of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers that is a voice for public lands! 

My soul longs for wild places. Together with my family, we escape to public lands as often as possible to find rejuvenation and adventure.
Gary Stefani

To help BHA protect our precious public lands.

Gary lives in upstate NY with his wife and two English Setters. He is a passionate upland hunter, pursuing grouse and woodcock on public land in NY and PA. He also enjoys deer hunting, hiking, camping, mountain biking and XC skiing.
Daniel Sedehi
Hunter. Dad. Husband. Guy
Darrell Dinwiddie

I joined the Hike to Hunt fundraiser to motivate myself to get out and explore all of the amazing public land around us.  To find new places, to visit old places and see how they are changed or remained the same.  I hope to get more healthy both physically and mentally during this time. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers aims to ensure that all individuals have access to their public lands to support hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.
Elise Letizia

I'd like to look at ways to use funds to make hunting more inclusive and accessible.

I am a new hunter, passionate about the practice and getting more folks interested in the outdoors and hunting/fishing!
Chaise Villasenor

I am doing this fundraiser so I can raise money for our public lands and getting good shape for hunting season all at the same time.

I am a father of two boys. I also work in a Sawmill.
ethan aycox
Aspiring to be outdoors more and more in shape for western hunting!
Drew Kazenski

Increase awareness to protect public lands and waters.

I consume, therefore I give back.
Sara Sweet

I love the great outdoors.

I love wildlife and wild places.
zachary jones

Keep Public Lands In Public Hands.

Excited to be a part of BHA's Hike to Hunt 2020
Joshua Edmonds

I spend a great deal of time using public lands and I want future generations to have access to the same opportunities. 

East coast hunter and angler who likes adventure
Maya B


Scott Backus

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a great organization doing great things for our Public Lands and Waters.  

Just plain love spending time in the outdoors...especially with a bow!!
Brien Webster
Programs Manager & Colorado & Wyoming Chapter Coordinator
Casey Hunter

To raise awareness of Public Lands and to keep them in Public Hands. 

Usually the old guy in the group but loving every minute of every day!! Currently the Treasure of the Nebraska Chapter of BHA. GBR!!
Mark Schwomeyer

To help support BHA

Names Mark. I'm a male.
Kelsee Dalton
I love Montana because of the opportunities to get outside!
Thomas Williams
I’m a 28 year old native of Northern Michigan. I love everything outdoors and I’m looking forward to this challenge.
J.R. Young

J.R. Young was raised in Bellevue Washington. He enjoyed his weekends and summer at a cabin in Central Washington where he started hunting and fishing at an early age. He spent countless days exploring Wenatchee National Forest as well as the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest closer to Bellevue. He truly fell in love with the outdoors.

Currently living in The Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos California with his wife, son, dog and chickens, he continues to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. At J.R.’s house, most activities surround food, preparing for food, canning food, foraging for food hunting for food and most importantly sharing the experience of food with friends and sometimes complete strangers. J.R. is a man that loves life, and he encourages people to explore that natural world and enjoy what is theirs to enjoy. He holds his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Fairfield University in Connecticut. After spending eleven years as a tax accountant he has joined his wife in her Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

I'm pretty, I'm a below average hunter, I like to cook
Dave Ericson

Public lands are my beautiful escape, I hope that more people young and old can grow to appreciate the great outdoors.

I love finding new lakes for throwing spinner baits out of my kayak and hiking public land for whitetails and turkeys
Swade Hammond

I enjoy putting in miles, staying fit and if I can do it for a good cause, sign me up!

Hayden Richter

I help raise awareness of how absolutely amazing the US public lands truly are and to help show people that there is so much out there for them to explore and find.

A health and fitness professional looking to spread awareness of how our health is linked to everything.
Jamie Bahm

I love #publiclands!

Ryan Bales
I love my wife, my bird dogs, and public land!
Fernando Reyes

Primarily to be part of champion organizations contributing to the protection and sustainability of wildlife and public wildplaces. To officially kick off a new chapter in my life in my desire to leave earth better than when I roamed it. Lastly, to reach personal fitness goals so I can discover breathtaking places at different elevations.

I love it all love it all, God, my family, food, the cultures and my countries (#USA#Mexico). Son of Mexican immigrants looking to be at least half as brave as they were and love, protect and provide like them.
Michael Avila
I’m a new hunter, getting ready for my first Big Game hunt this fall!
Kyle Turner
Aspiring Traditional bowhunter saved by the grace of God.
Brian Shaffer
Outdoorsman/Breakfast Enthusiast
Ryne Witt

Helping to protect public lands so my daughter and I can experience it when she is older. 

New member to BHA and haven't really experienced the back country before except for hiking when I was younger. Wanting to grow my experiences and help to protect public lands for however my daughter wants to use them in the future.
Ray Bellis

I went on an Elk hunt with my son who is a U.S. Marine. The Hardest Greatest thing I have ever done. He started whitetail hunting with me when he was 5 yrs old. Well, as you can imagine now,  I just could not keep up with him. We are planning another trip. This fundraiser is not only for a great cause but also a tool to help me get in better shape. My goal is not to keep up with him but to not make him wait on me quite so much.

52 yr old Father of 3 outdoor loving children.
Breanne Gober

Since moving to the western part of the United States two years ago, I have been able to connect with nature in a way that promotes both mental and physical strength.  I can always trust that a trail is going to teach me a lesson, keep me humble and remind me of how small I truly am.  In the world we live in today, I think it is important to have a place where we can feel most at peace and disconnect from the rest of humanity.  Unfortunately, the places that grant me sanity, are being threatened.  Through the Hike to Hunt platform, I hope to do my part in contributing to protecting the wild places I love.  Happy trails!

Howdy folks, my name is Breanne and I reside in the beautiful state of Utah! By day I grow sugarbeets but by night, I live for moments in the backcountry.
Melanie Vining

As I get older, I have to actually prepare for hunting season or my knees pay the price, especially on those downhill game pack outs! I also worry increasingly about the health of our public lands, from water to soil to habitat to trail maintenance. This cause supports both....saving the knees and supporting public lands! I plan to both hike and run hills to achieve this goal.

I love to hike, hunt, pack, ride, long as it's outside! Even better if any of these things are done with family or friends.
Matthew Mitchell

When I first saw BHA's Hike to Hunt I knew it was something I wanted to get behind. Each day our public lands and access to our nations public lands are under attack. BHA's stands with sportsmen and women to protect this amazing asset that each and every American has access to use and enjoy. 

Caylon Niederhauser

I think it’s important for the next generation to get out from in front of the television and go experience the world first hand. 

Free spirited man taking one step at a time and taking everything in
jeff hughes
I'm an avid outdoors man who enjoys everything out in nature to include hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and swimming. I also am a US Navy veteran who takes time to clean-up local rivers, creeks, beaches, trails and parks for a sustainable and responsibl
Joseph Holder

To challenge myself and explore the different trails offered in my community. 

I enjoy the outdoors and hunting.
Scott Page

Love the cause.

Courtney Bastian

To get in shape, raise awareness, and support BHA and their mission to advocate for our public lands and waters that I love to hike and hunt on!

Host of The Bird Dog Babe Podcast, upland hunting enthusiast, and bird dog obsessed
Anthony Wierenga
Forester by trade and part time outdoor adventurer
Carolyn Dowdy
I just started backpacking hiking last year and it has been a great way to get in shape.
Jacob Ellis

I want to raise awareness and money to keep public lands open. 

WA born and raised. Love to camp and be in the outdoors.
Connor Stokes

I am fundraising for Hike to Hunt as a way to challenge myself to get outside more as well as better educate myself and others on issues facing our public places.

I’m an adult-onset hunter born and raised in Nebraska
Justin Redman
Live in the the Nortwest. And enjoy getting outdoors with my family and friends.
Katie Childs
Born and raised in MN. Love hiking, fishing, and I promote hunting and recently shot my first turkey.
Nicholas Long

Help support wild places, public lands, and public waters by supporting me in this year's Hike to Hunt. Any donations go to helping public lands, public wildlife, and public waters by helping BHA. Even if you don't set a foot on public land, keeping these lands helps the entire earth (clean air or water important to you?). If this isn't a good enough reason, I have plenty more in detail.

Hunter, fisherman, outdoor lovin' father of two that spends majority of life in the outdoors.
Andrew Ruszkiewicz
Hunter and Angler and Active Duty Special Operations soldier, conservationist and lover of anything outdoors!
Brooke Armbrust
I love everything there is to do outside, including hunting. That’s why conservation is a must and this is a great way to support it!
Shawn Landriault

Protect our wild places.

Love being anywhere that is not inside.
Jack Hedlund

I get to raise some money for BHA and also get in better shape for the fall hunting seasons. Its a win-win!

I grew up in Minnesota but have been living in Missoula since 2018.
Randy Koster

To benefit the Illinois chapter working with IDNR and USFWS in our state supporting and promoting public land hunting and fishing, especially the lands in Southern Illinois. The national forest and state parks have become an Illinois treasure, but there's always work to be done and improvements to make. 

A public safety software engineer, part-time firefighter/EMT/rescue diver, and bow hunting nut, I live at the gateway to Shawnee National Forest, the crown jewel of Illinois' wildlands.
Josh Thomas

I’m a strong believer in keeping public lands in public hands

Avid outdoorsman
Nicole Missamore

To help preserve hunting for future generations 

James Angley

To raise money for fishing and hunting conservation issues

Hunter, Angler, Gardener
Josh Rodamer
I’m a Christian, husband and father that believes in connecting with an amazing creation.
Brant Davis

Love public lands and water

Living outside is life
Alex Getty

I'm fundraising the Hike to Hunt Challenge because I believe in the availability and accessibility of public lands. Federally designated Wilderness areas are as remote as they are beautiful, and make up just a fraction of our public lands. They represent the wildest and untrammeled lands we have left, and should be protected to the fullest extent possible while allowing visitors on foot or stock.

I'm an IT Security guy for the DoD who spends most of his time while not at work in the outdoors. From chasing trout to grouse to foraging I'm in love with it all.
Joe Wehrenberg
A lover of the outdoors, who is looking forward to protecting out public lands for generations to come.
John Gale

I support BHA because it is the only hunter and angler driven organization that shares my unwavering dedication to preserving the solitude of lonely backcountry mountains where the elk bugle and cold streams run with wild trout.

Jason Sztapka
Love of hunting public lands, turkey hunting addict.
Preston Watts

Because recreating on public lands are a big and very important part of my life, and I want to help keep them here for future outdoorsmen and women.

Archery Hunter, Hiker, Soon-2-Be Fly Fisherman, and Montana's number one fan.
Larry Copeland

My doctor said I needed more exercise so what better way than join the hike to hunt movement and support a great organization. 

Scott Coleman

To take trailhead diplomacy out for a walk and raise some money in the process