Contact Your Representatives

Wondering how you can get involved? 

Contacting your representatives is a quick and effective method to not only convey the vital role that hunters and anglers have in conservation, but also to bring attention to the very important issue of the Fish and Wildlife Commission deviating from their mandate and the harm this will bring to our natural resources.

Below you will find a link to your representatives, best practices, and a template you can use to effectively communicate your message. 

How to contact your representatives:

  1. Click on the provided link to find your district and representatives: find representatives HERE
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Three representatives will be listed, when you click on one of their names, it will take you to a list of Washington Senators. The representative you clicked on will be at the top of the page.
  4. The number to their office and email will be displayed.
  5. Call the number and follow the prompt below.
  6. Repeat the process for the other two.

Best practices:

First and foremost, remember to be polite and respectful. Your message will not have the intended impact if you treat them like the enemy. Remember that they are only human and can’t possibly know all the nuances of every subject they vote on. This is your opportunity to provide them with the facts of the situation and who all it affects.

Second, be succinct. Representatives often have 60-90 seconds between meetings or other obligations during legislative session. If they have questions, you can then take additional time. 

Finally, do not offer counterpoints to your points. You’re not there to offer an unbiased perspective. Do not be bashful about articulating your views!