Get Engaged Washington

Importance of Engagement- What can you do?

Whether you’ve been in Washington your whole life or just moved here recently now is the time. If you’ve always been immersed in the outdoors or have recently discovered your connection with it, this is your time as well. More than ever, now is the time to engage in the decision-making process for all the future opportunities this state holds.

The WDFW commission meetings are your opportunity to voice your thoughts on what matters to you, they are your direct line to provide input and help guide the future of conservation in this state. After all, if you don’t speak up who will? What if you encourage others to do the same? One voice becomes many.

It is imperative that these opportunities during the meetings are used to highlight all sportsmen and women in this state. Share the good we all contribute to conservation efforts and the positive impact we have for the ecosystem. Share the heritage that our great outdoors in Washington holds. Use this time to urge the Commission to truly consider all the voices in this state, and to build a durable, sustainable conservation policy, for all stake holders.

Depending on your comfort level, there are many ways you can share your voice in these commission meetings. Whether that’s via email, written comments, through zoom or in person at the upcoming meeting. Please take a minute to follow the link and see what best fits your schedule to add in your voice. We are looking forward to seeing BHA members show up in strong numbers, and in a positive manner that will benefit our current generation and those to come.