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We are the Washington Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

We believe that public lands, and the opportunities they hold, are foundational to the human and American experience. We believe public lands, access, and conservation are bi-partisan issues. We respect the crucial role that all species play in our diverse ecosystems and seek to ensure that species and habitat management decisions are based on sound science. We believe undeveloped, unspoiled public lands are irreplaceable and must be managed, along with the fish and wildlife they support, as a sacred public trust. We believe in being ambassadors for our sport and what we believe in.  

From tidal shellfish to alpine deer, shrub-steppe game birds, and steelhead on the Snake River, our state is rich in natural beauty and recreational opportunities. But through urban expansion, habitat fragmentation, climate change, and increased population, the chapter understands the challenges to maintaining abundant wild places and our outdoor heritage that depends on it. In fieldwork, the public arena, and halls of government, we are invested in perpetuating wildlife and opportunities for generations to come.

Our board and members are active, diverse participants in the community and as such, belong to a variety of conservation groups and ideologies. Collectively, we seek to promote a positive image of hunting and angling to the public, while committing our labor and passion to meaningful improvements for fish, wildlife and shared public lands. Contact us to learn how you can get involved with Washington BHA or stay informed via this website, Facebook, Instagram, or our email newsletter. We’ll see you around the campfire.

Washington BHA works hard at protecting the things we value.  If this describes what you believe in — please become a member and get involved!

Our updated 2023 priorities include:

  • Developing opportunities for member-led Conservation

Create a list of projects that individual members can lead, and build resources for successful implementation around site adoptions, river cleanups, and shooting site remediations.

  • Deliver conservation outcomes throughout Washington

Working with government agencies and NGO partners, lead boots-on-the-ground conservation projects that foster access for recreation or improve wildlife and fish habitats in all WDFW regions within the state.

  • Education and Awareness for Chronic Wasting Disease:

Identify opportunities to inform impacted communities about the risks of CWD, while supporting policy actions and best practices to monitor and minimize disease transmission in ungulate populations.

  • Advancing outdoor heritage and conservation through policy:

Establish a policy team that proactively engages threats and opportunities to advance the mission and values of the Washington chapter at all levels of decision-making within state government and relevant agencies.

  • Strengthening our community through partnerships:

Establish mutually beneficial relationships with value-aligned organizations, Tribal Nations, and individuals to amplify the impact on our shared interests and actions.

  • Championing the contribution of sportsmen and sportswomen to natural resources

Present a positive image of the hunting and angling community throughout the state in direct action and media that conveys the commitment to stewardship, fair chase, and public lands to the broader public.

  • Improving engagement with Chapter membership:

Invest chapter resources in communications that inform our audience, promote the Chapter, advance public relations, drive member engagement, create impactful content, and foster community.


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