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We are the Washington Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

A group of sportsmen and women united by a passion to protect and conserve public lands: forests, mountains, prairies, streams and lakes that support our hunting and angling traditions. Washington BHA members value the backcountry — adventure, solitude, wildlife, mental and physical challenge.

We believe public lands are important.  We believe public lands, access, and conservation are bi-partisan issues.  We respect the crucial role that all species play in our diverse ecosystems and seek to ensure that species and habitat management decisions are based on sound science.  We believe undeveloped, unspoiled public lands are irreplaceable and must be managed, along with the fish and wildlife they support, as a sacred public trust.  We believe in being ambassadors to our sport and what we believe in.  

To accomplish our objectives, the Washington Chapter is involved in contacting policy makers and federal resource managers, giving public testimony at stakeholder meetings and legislative hearings, communicating our views to the public, and hosting outreach and educational activities to our Members and the public. Our Board and Members are active participants in the community and as such, belong to a variety of public land and conservation groups.

Washington BHA works hard at protecting the things we value.  If this describes what you believe in — please become a member and get involved!

Contact us to learn how you can get involved with Washington BHA!  We email a regular Washington specific newsletter, you can also stay informed via this website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our updated 2021 priorities include:

  • With help from OnX, we are working to identify and open access to parcels of landlocked public land in Washington.
  • Placing access signage and monofilament recycling stations in popular hunting and fishing areas.
  • Preserving habitat connectivity by supporting efforts to reduce vehicle-wildlife collisions such as the Safe Passage 97 Project.
  • Organizing chapter members to interact with elected and agency leaders relevant to BHA's mission and our shared passion for public lands, waters and wildlife.
  • Protecting the Mt Saint Helens from industrial mining through education, outreach and advocacy.
  • Promoting scientifically driven wildfire management and landscape resiliency in the face of increasing wildfires through our Embers & Ecology program.
  • Raising awareness of disease in bighorn sheep and supporting efforts to curb disease spread.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease awareness and education.
  • Supporting the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
  • Finding a solution for Snake River salmon and steelhead that includes removing the lower four dams while ensuring all economic sectors are made whole.
  • Adding the Right to Hunt to the Wa constitution.
  • Advocating for passage of the Mapland Act.

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