This interactive map of the Suggested Wildlife Management Areas depicts recommendations from CPW, GPLI, and CO BHA. Basic information and rationale for those recommendations are summarized in the table of BHA Wildlife Management Areas located towards the bottom of this page. As a stakeholder in the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative (GPLI), CO BHA fully endorses GPLI management consensus recommendations within Gunnison County. We believe these recommended management area designations including Wilderness additions and Special Management Areas will provide important gains in protection of our wild lands and wildlife habitats. We fully endorse the Wildlife Management Area recommendations submitted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in 2019 with suggested boundary adjustments and additions where no overlap with GPLI consensus recommendations occur. Where overlap does occur we believe GPLI recommendations will provide important gains in wildlife protection consistent with CPW WMA recommendations and direct recreation use to limit wildlife impacts more broadly throughout the planning area within Gunnison County. In addition to endorsing CPW WMA recommendations and GPLI consensus recommendations as described above, we have identified 15 more WMAs based upon our analysis of big game habitat and backcountry hunting values, as well as current Forest and BLM travel management plans that we are recommending. WMA table download here.


The map legend is located at the top left corner of the map frame. Ensure the GMUG forest boundaries are toggled on. By toggling the remaining layers on and off you will be able to see the scope of protections that CO BHA believes to be necessary in sustaining healthy big game populations within the GMUG. We recommend that you read our GMUG Report to help contextualize our recommendations featured here in our mapping tool.