My Goal: $1,000.00

$45.00 raised

Conservation Fun-Raising


Please join me in raising funds for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. And getting in shape while doing it. Become a part of the Hike to Hunt Challenge by signing up on your own or you can donate to the cause through my profile and make me suffer one foot step at a time! 

I'm pledging to walk 1 mile for every $5 raised, I've pledged $1,000 but honestly that's not enough. I'd like to do more! Help hold me accountable to hiking 500 miles between now and August 31st. That'd be $2,500 for BHA's work in wild public lands and waters conservation. Plus YOU would not only raise the funds but make me earn it 1 mile at a time. 

If you can chip in $5 or $500 every $ counts! Together we can win this! I'll keep everyone who donates in my name updated on my progress. 

Thank you in advance for your dedication to our public lands and waters!