Seek Outside

Hot Tents! If you’ve been following the latest and greatest trends in backcountry camping, you surely know that our partners at Seek Outside have revolutionized cold season winter camping. You no longer have to hoof it 5 miles back to the truck every night just to avoid sleeping out in freezing temps. Now you can utilize one of their hot tent combos, which include an ultralight titanium stove, to not only survive but thrive in the backcountry. If you’re looking for the perfect do-all tent, you should check out the 8-person tipi with XL stove. It’s considered by many to be the best family tent on the market. With ample room for parents, kiddos and even the family dog, it's a place to get out of inclement weather and be warm - and a great way to ensure that your young ones have a positive experience. Once you’re done camping with the kids, this tent then makes the perfect four-person hunting shelter, so you and your friends can hunt harder and longer. Check out the full selection at Made in the USA.

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