Our 30 Days of Giving Sponsors

This month we want to highlight the companies fueling our amazing centerpiece of the 30 Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes! 

Earlier this year, G&H Decoys came to us with an idea to put together the ultimate outdoors boat that would serve as the perfect boat for waterfowl adventures and offseason fishing pursuits. Enter Hog Island Skiffs with their G&H Decoys Shallow Water Assassin Skiff.   

It's a 16-foot 4-inch watercraft, powered by a brand-new 30 horsepower motor loaded with everything needed for success, including two dozen decoys from G&H Decoys. Additionally, On The Water Marine is outfitting the boat with all the correct accoutrements that will make everyone's head turn at the launch this waterfowl season. 

Pop Up Blinds will be contributing a custom blind system for expert concealment, Grundens jumped on board with waders, rain jackets and boots, Weatherby contributed two 12 gauge shotguns, a lead-free anchor from Tornado Anchors, St. Croix Rods with credit for your perfect fishing rod, a full Jet Boil system, and electronic collar by Sport Dog for your 4-legged hunting partner.  

We've got it all, is what we're saying, and we couldn't have done it without these awesome corporate partners!

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