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Nathan Hayes
2% for conservation Wyoming regional committee member. Deputy sheriff.

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Q: Any additional thoughts you would like to share with BHA?
A: Keep up the good work. Ty’s podcast is great. I’d really like to get to the rendezvous. My first child is going to be born in Aug and I’m planning on getting him a life membership.

answered 2018-05-24 14:53:00 -0600
Q: Are you willing to volunteer?
A: Yes. I’d do really anything I can. I’m working on becoming a WY hunter education instructor and once I am certified I thought it would be cool to offer hunters ed and incorporate a bha membership drive to the class. I work Sat and Sun until 1 so I’d like the weekend volunteer opportunities to last longer in the day.

answered 2018-05-24 14:51:00 -0600
Q: What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?
A: Some college, no degree

answered 2018-05-24 14:50:50 -0600
Q: If other, what political party do you affiliate with?
A: I was a libertarian leaning republican but like Randy Newberg in now a public lands voter.

answered 2018-05-24 14:50:10 -0600
Q: Do you affiliate with a political party?
A: Republican

answered 2018-05-24 14:50:02 -0600
Q: What is the main issue you want BHA to focus on?
A: Access to public lands and waters

answered 2018-05-24 14:49:54 -0600
Q: What is your preferred source of information about BHA’s work?
A: BHA social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

answered 2018-05-24 14:49:47 -0600
Q: If other, how did you find out about BHA?
A: There was a land transfer proposal on WY that galvanized my attitude about fighting for public lands and I heard about you somewhere in that process.

answered 2018-05-24 14:48:32 -0600
Q: How did you find out about BHA?
A: Other

answered 2018-05-24 14:48:19 -0600
Q: What activities do you enjoy on public lands?
A: Fly fishing, spin fishing, ice fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, picnicking, mushroom hunting, foraging, photography, astrophotography, drawing, finding solace

answered 2018-05-24 14:46:56 -0600
Q: What percentage do you hunt, fish or recreate on public lands?
A: 100%

answered 2018-05-24 14:46:47 -0600
Q: If you answered "other", what activity do you most often enjoy on public lands?
A: Hunting, fishing, and hiking with my wife and dogs.

answered 2018-05-24 14:46:16 -0600
Q: Do you identify yourself mostly as a hunter or angler?
A: Both

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