Idaho Chapter Sponsors

These businesses have committed to helping Idaho BHA with annual donations of $500 or more in cash/product/services.  Please consider supporting these businesses when you are making future purchases, you can click on the logos for links. More information about the BHA chapter-level sponsorship program is at the bottom of the page.

White Dog Brewing Co. is a brewery, tap room and eatery in downtown Boise. A local Idaho business, White Dog Brewing is a great supporter of public lands, waters, wildlife and conservation in Idaho. Passionate about crafting excellent beer, White Dog Brewing believes you should play hard, whether it’s hiking, biking, hunting or fishing, and then celebrate afterward with a high quality beer at the trailhead or at their taproom.


ANGLERS Fly Shop Logo

ANGLERS Fly Shop has been quietly serving Boise area fly fishers for over 20 years. Owned and operated by Boise natives since 1997, we have all your fly fishing needs covered from behind the vice to releasing the catch - and having the experience- of a lifetime. ANGLERS takes pride in working with everyone from earnest beginners to master casters. As a business as well as fly fishers, we recognize we are dependent on the health of and access to Idaho's waters. Giving back and taking care of them is crucial and literally the least we can do to support the community we've built here at the shop and because of that, we're proud to support BHA's work advocating for healthy fisheries and access to them for as long as we're here.

Argali was started with a simple idea: to promote the connection to and value of hunting in wild places.  The Argali mission is to connect people to the backcountry and conserve wild hunting experiences.  Whether through films, content or gear in our store, Argali wants to share their passion for the wild.  Argali is based in Boise and sells via their website, click on the logo for the website.

Liz Larson is a professional stylist in downtown Boise.  Liz provides a full suite of spa and hair services for men and women.  She loves the outdoors and is committed to ensuring her kids have access to our public lands and waters in the future.

At Chisel Custom Decor we have a passion for the outdoors and bringing those memories home to your wall. Owner and Operator Pieter R has been a long-time member of BHA. Chisel Custom Decor and BHA share the belief that public lands are incredibly important. We couldn't be happier to support an organization that will help generations access those lands and create new outdoor memories. Connect with us on Instagram @chiselcustomdecor and Facebook @chiselcustomdecor

Blacks Creek Guide Gear is a manufacturer of high quality hunting backpacks, chest packs and accessories.  A local Idaho company, they design and manufacture their products in the USA, right in Nampa, ID. Blacks Creek Guide Gear puts a lot of design thought, time and energy into their products.  The innovative designs help aid day to day comfort and their modular systems and load shelves will help you pack that giant bull off public lands. They love everything outdoors and appreciate the efforts and progress that has been made by Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to keep our public lands accessible.  They are happy to support and stand beside BHA in this effort.

Three Rivers Ranch Outfitters is a full service fly fishing store in Eagle, Idaho.  The shop is located in the heart of downtown Eagle, less than a mile away from the Boise River, just over 1 1/2 hours from the Owyhee River & the South Fork of the Boise River.  The staff at Three Rivers Ranch Outfitters prides themselves on friendly customer service and up-to-date information about fishing conditions. The 5500 sq. foot store contains a huge array of products from the finest companies in the fishing industry, including BHA supporters such as Orvis, Patagonia, Sage, and Fish Pond. 

Chris Reeve Knives is a leading American-based manufacturer of folding and fixed-blade knives designed for everyday work. Known for sleek, innovative design, Chris Reeve Knives has made massive contributions to the knife world, including the industry standard Reeve Integral Lock.  After over 30 years in business, the once "out-of-the-garage" company has grown into a full production facility known worldwide for quality, excellence, and innovation.


The Kestrel® monopod was born of the desire to outperform tripods, shed weight and shrink pack volume on backcountry hunting trips. While planning an archery elk hunt in the summer of 2018, we budgeted pack weight and made hard decisions about what gear stays and what stays in the garage. When wedging our tripods into loaded packs, we realized there had to be a lighter, more space efficient way to effectively glass on long pack trips. We set ourselves to the goal of designing a lightweight, compact system that could replace a tripod for backcountry hunting. After more than ten revisions and countless hours of field testing, we hope you will enjoy using the Kestrel® Monopod as much as our demanding customers do.


Elevate Fly Fishing is a Boise-based company that crafts hand-made bamboo fly rods. Their rods are built to the highest standards from top-quality Tonkin cane, hardwood reel seats, fine silk thread, agate stripping guides, and premium components. Elevate Fly Fishing strives to enhance the experience of fly fishermen and women by crafting custom rods that elevate your experience on the water. Access to public lands is vital to fly fishers, and Elevate Fly Fishing is proud to support the work BHA is doing to ensure our public lands remain accessible now and for future generations.

Karmik Outdoors was founded by outdoor enthusiasts and was created for outdoor enthusiasts. I can’t think of another group that mirrors our  values as well as Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Karmik and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers share the values that our wild public lands should be protected, preserved and conserved for future generations to enjoy. Karmik Outdoors exists to help outdoor enthusiasts never lose valuable outdoor gear again. Our lost and found decals attach to your favorite items and if you ever lose them, the finder now has the ability to get them back to you. The three reasons why Karmik Outdoors exist are to make CONNECTIONS, to support our COMMUNITIES, and practice CONSERVATION. Join us on this mission while protecting your favorite valuable or sentimental items that we rely on to enjoy the outdoors!

Slayer’s lineup of duck, goose and elk calls have caught the attention of hunters from coast to coast and across the pond. In 2022, Slayer’s duck calls ranked No. 2 on Field & Stream’s Gear of the Year list, and for good reason. Slayer was founded in 2018 on family heritage, unrivaled quality craftsmanship and an uncontrollable obsession with hunting.  Made from quality materials, it’s easy to see why customers have described Slayer’s products as “effortless,” “durable” and even “indestructible.” And the customer service is second to none.

Idaho Afoot offers truly personalized coaching to prepare you for any adventure afoot along with licensed outfitting & guiding for hiking and trail running.  Whether your goal is to summit a mountain, chase bugling elk in the backcountry, keep up with your bird dog, finish a trail race, or just get fitter to feel better, we are here to help.  Public lands, wild spaces, healthy wildlife populations, and clean water are paramount to everything we value.

Guidesource Outdoors (GSO) helps place trained guides and packers with reputable outfitters through established industry partnerships. Our goal is to assist outfitters employ and retain both long term and/or temporary guides and packers who are motivated, reliable and well-trained that will bring expertise to enhance hunts for your hunters. We aim to elevate the industry standards by creating a mechanism to bring the two parties together and eliminate many of the logistical hurdles and downsides that accompany finding good help for your outfit by vetting guides and packers prior to them showing up in your camp.

WorldCast Anglers views support for conservation organizations in their mission and goals as extremely important to its business. It is of such importance that "Protection and preservation of the environment, all fish and their supporting watersheds" is part of the WorldCast Anglers Statement of Culture.

As an commercial outfitting operator on many of our public lands that include both federal and state designations; WorldCast Anglers proudly supports Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in their mission to ensure the outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing on wild public lands and waters.

The continuation of the very things that WorldCast Anglers personally and professionally loves and depends on as a business - fishing, wild places and wildlife; depends on groups like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers to protect and preserve our wild public outdoor recreation venues for current users and future generations. 

We thank and applaud Backcountry Hunters & Anglers for their persistent efforts and standing up for these places and the outdoor opportunities they represent. WorldCast Anglers looks forward to continually aiding in whatever capacity available to support the lifeblood of North American Public Lands.


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