Cracked by Steve Hawley

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Dams make up a fairly significant portion of the energy and agriculture infrastructure of the United States. But as they age, this cross-country framework of dams is in dire need of multi-million-to-billion-dollar renovations and is one of the main reasons the Pacific Northwest's iconic salmon and steelhead runs are in peril of extinction.

Cracked - The Future of Dams in a Hot, Chaotic World by Steve Hawley lays out all of the facts out about dams in our current world in an easy and engaging piece of literature. Hawley dives deep with personal interviews to get the true facts and effects of dams, not only on our environment but also on the people who have inhabited the landscapes that the concrete giants have forever changed.

If you are a lover of anadromous fish and have always looked at those colossal concrete structures with awe or anger, this book will truly help you understand why we have dams on our landscape, what it would take to replace their value to American society, and the possibility of removing them to restore rivers for future generations. 

-Travis Bradford, BHA Video Production & Graphics Design Coordinator


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