ArrowRifles During Archery Season in OK

Do Arrow Rifles have a place in Archery Season? 

Legislation in Oklahoma that would allow an ArrowRifle to be used during Archery Season is
getting a lot of attention. Naturally, the groups affiliated with Archery Hunting are the most
outspoken in opposition of this legislation. HB2355 and SB352 were both introduced in this
session in Oklahoma with different but similar enough language to get attention. This strategy
of launching multiple bills of similar language in a given session has become common in OK.
Especially, when the proposed change will likely face strong opposition.

These weapons are currently legal in Oklahoma for use during the Modern Firearms Season for
Deer and during an additional Antlerless Deer Season for a total of about 30 days annually. The
common message among the Archery Community has been an opposition to this equipment
being used during the bona fide Archery Season under any circumstance.
Although the fate of this legislation ultimately lies in the State Capitol, the topic was also
discussed at the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission Meeting held on Monday April 3. Those
meetings are recorded live and are currently available on Youtube. The video contains a lively

Both bills are currently still alive and exist in focused committees. It is unclear how much
momentum they have at this time, and whether or not Oklahoma will become the first state to
consider these weapons “Archery Equipment”.

“...It is BHA’s, position that airbows should not be classified as archery equipment….We have a
collective obligation to promote our sporting heritage and protect the future of our hunting
traditions by engaging in conversations that consider new technologies like airbows in thoughtful
ways to ensure that they are regulated appropriately by states and insular management
agencies responsible for setting hunting regulations including method of take.”

The paragraph above taken from a National BHA statement several years ago holds firm in this
case. Our chapter leaders in OK generally welcome innovation and advancements in
equipment for hunting and other uses outdoors. However, the Board is committed to certain
elements of tradition and heritage related to most outdoor pursuits, particularly Archery. These
weapons are currently legal in OK during the Modern Firearms Seasons. To allow them during
Archery Season, for any circumstance, seems closely related to trying to fit a square peg into a
round hole. It requires a stretch of the imagination and is wholly unnecessary.

Our OK BHA Chapter Board stands alongside the Archery Community opposed to HB2355 and

Ben Haff
OK BHA Board Member, Policy Chair

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