For anglers, waterfowlers and other sportsmen, access to streams and waterways is the most important factor in our participation in – and the perpetuation of – our storied outdoor traditions. Our access opportunities, however, are far from guaranteed. Well-moneyed efforts are underway to change existing stream access laws, which vary widely from state to state, to bar us from fishing, wading, floating or otherwise utilizing these important resources. But despite all that’s at stake, no national sportsmen’s group has undertaken activities to address the issue. Until now.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ Public Waters Access campaign is a new effort to achieve the BHA mission to improve public fishing and hunting access and opportunity nationwide. BHA has emerged as the leading sportsmen’s voice on issues related to conservation of our public lands and waters – and our ability to access these places. We believe that streambed walking access, so essential to our outdoor opportunities, is not being discussed or defended at a national level – and in some states, sportsmen are literally losing ground.

Public Waters Access focuses not only on engaging and informing anglers and other sportsmen about stream access; it also works to combat the greatest threats to access, state by state.

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