Washington Chapter Advisory Board - Galen Thompson


Galen was born in Bellingham, WA and grew up on a small farm by Cherry Point near Custer, WA. From the time he was able to walk, his dad took him grouse and rabbit hunting in the backfield on their place. Going to his uncle’s ranch near Leavenworth, WA to hunt mule deer was an annual highlight that led to a lifelong passion for hunting and fishing.

In 1978, after graduating high school and tech school and working for Pepsi for four years, he quit his job and took a ten-week trip around the western United States looking for property. After 10,000 miles and seven states, he decided to buy thirty acres in Colville, WA.

He built a log house from the trees on his property with his first wife, had three kids and worked for the Colville School District. Country life was a bit distasteful to his first wife and they decided they had different visions for each of their lives.

In 1990, he married Pat and they have since added ten acres to the original thirty. A fire in December of 2000 took the original log home. They rebuilt another log home and enjoy that along with their four horses and mules, a dog, cats, and their blended family of five children and five grandchildren.

Retired from the Colville School District for two years now, he spends his time shooting his bow, riding horses and mules, packing into the backcountry, doing honey-do’s, and hunting and fishing whenever seasons permit.

Having lived in this area for over 30 years Galen believes much has remained the same. However, he feels abuse and misuse of our public lands has definitely increased. As an avid traditional bow hunter, he has watched hunters increase their dependence on technology and unlawful ATV use instead of taking the time and effort to become better woodsman. He joined BHA a couple of years ago to support the protection of public lands and advance traditional hunting and fishing values.

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