Washington BHA Comments on Methow Mineral Withdrawal

The Bureau of Land Management reopened a public comment period through Nov. 13, 2018, regarding the withdrawal of mining permits in the Methow Valley located in the Okanagan National Forest in Washington.

The Washington chapter of BHA took this opportunity to reiterate their support for a 20-year withdrawal from industrial-scale mining in a letter to Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.






The Methow Valley in the North Cascades is home to high-quality fish and wildlife habitat that supports robust populations of cutthroat trout and mule deer. The site of the proposed mine would fragment an important migration corridor and interfere with the seasonal movement of Washington’s largest mule deer population, which migrate from the high country of the Pasayten Wilderness to wintering range in the lower valley. Hunters from across the Pacific Northwest travel to the area each fall to pursue these deer, providing a significant economic boost to local communities. The recovery of Upper Columbia Chinook salmon and the health of coldwater fisheries supporting highly sought-after species such as anadromous steelhead also rely on the clean, connected waters of the upper Methow River for spawning habitat and thermal refuge.
Sportsmen and women like you can join Washington BHA in encouraging the BLM to withdraw mining permits for the Methow region.




Your participation will help us safeguard North America’s wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

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