The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is a proud supporter of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the foundation of the world's most successful policies and laws that allow the public to pursue sustainable populations of wildlife in healthy, intact ecosystems. There are seven tenets to this model that guide wildlife management: 

  1. Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource: Wildlife belongs to the public and is managed by government agencies through the Public Trust Doctrine.
  2. Prohibition on Commerce of Dead Wildlife: Commercial or market hunting and the sale of wildlife is prohibited to ensure the sustainability of wildlife populations.
  3. Allocation of Wildlife by Law: Laws and regulations developed by the people and enforced by state and federal agencies will guide the proper use of wildlife resources.
  4. Opportunity for All: Every citizen has an opportunity under the law, regardless of class or socioeconomic status, to hunt and fish. 
  5. Wildlife Should Only be Killed for a Legitimate Purpose: Individuals may legally kill certain wild animals under strict guidelines for food and fur, self-defense, and property protection. Laws restrict the casual killing of wildlife, waste of game meat, and mistreating of wildlife. 
  6. Wildlife as an International Resource: Because wildlife and fish freely migrate across boundaries between states, provinces, and countries, they are considered an international resource.
  7. Scientific Management of Wildlife: The best science available will be used as a base for informed decision-making in wildlife management. 

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is egalitarian, scientifically-focused, and treats the public trust as the highest good. That's why we at Backcountry Hunters & Anglers support it. It's for the people and it's for our wildlife.