Support hunting expansion on federal lands in New York, elsewhere

Just over a year after the Department of the Interior (DOI) proposed to expand hunting and angling access on more than 2.3 million acres of public land, they're at it again, and we at NY BHA want to tell them it's a great idea.

Specifically, DOI is looking to increase opportunities on an additional 2.1 million acres at
90 national wildlife refuges and on the lands of one national fish hatchery managed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). So, in just two years, we're looking at increased hunting and angling access on over 4 million acres of your public lands. That's right, 4 million acres.  But if we want to realize it, we're going to have to lend our voices to the effort, and DOI is accepting comments now.

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With your support, we in NY made out well
the last go around with four refuges as the beneficiaries of expanded access. This year, it's largely our fellow BHA-ers in neighboring states' turn to benefit, and we're ready to stand by them. It's worth noting that the proposed expansion also benefits those of us heading over state borders for adventure in woods and on water, as well as those of us now thinking about it. Public land opportunities are opportunities for us all, and we'll make it known when we can.

NYS has skin in this round, too. 
Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, which straddles the NY / NJ border, will see new acreage opened up for waterfowl, deer, bear, turkey, and numerous small and upland game species. So, even if you're in that New York state of mind, this one hits close to home. 

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If you've been to Wallkill in pursuit of duck or deer, or to any of the other refuges in the proposal, please take a moment to personalize your comment to the USFWS. Tell them about how watching the sunrise from the woods renews that wild sense of excitement, and recharges you for the day-to-day challenges ahead.  Tell them that you stop at a local spot for breakfast, gas and supplies, and leave your hard-earned dollars with the good folks running them.  Let them know the places and opportunities make a difference in your life because it makes a difference when USFWS knows it. And in the end, we're here to make that difference.

Join us at NY BHA and chapters across the country in supporting expanded access on your public lands, and let's keep our hunting and angling voices at the forefront of public land use discussions.

Click Here to let the USFWS know you support expanded access!

Thank you for your time, and all you do for BHA!

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