Help Wyoming BHA Stop the Proposed Bonander State Land Exchange


Sign the petition to stop the Bonander Land Exchange.


  • 1,040.67 acres of state land in the Cow Creek drainage of the Laramie Range are proposed to be traded for 295 acres in the Black Hills.
  • If approved, this trade would isolate over 3,000 acres of currently accessible public lands and with the loss of the 1,040 acres to Bonander, would be a net loss of 4,200+ acres of currently accessible public lands in the Laramie Range. This is prime elk and deer habitat with quality hunting.
  • There is also an indirect loss of access to 10,000 acres of public land because one of the two access points would be lost in this trade.
  • In the Black Hills, County Rd 207 snakes through most of the 295 acres of currently deeded and provides more access points, but no additional access to current adjacent public lands.
  • Laramie Range state land could bring in approx $917.46 in grazing and outfitter fees yearly as estimated by state land office. The deeded Black Hills property is estimated to bring in $724.52 in grazing fees yearly.

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What can you do:

  1. Sign the petition to stop the Bonander state land exchange
  2. Submit a comment by October 4, 2016 opposed to the exchange to: [email protected].
  3. Attend the Public Hearing 5:30 PM, September 26, 2016, Albany County Public Library. WY BHA is arranging car pools from Casper and Cheyenne

For More Information:

Contact the Wyoming BHA Chapter Here.

Pictured - BHA Board Member, Emmett Nelson with elk taken on lands that would become inaccessible if swap is allowed to go through.






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