Southwest Montana Board Member (Butte/Anaconda/Dillion/Deer Lodge)

Southwest Montana Board Member (Butte/Anaconda/Dillion/Deer Lodge)

Regional board members are located in areas where we have high concentration of members. These regional board member positions will serve to oversee and foster engagement in their areas in the following ways, either by they themselves doing them, by working with other Chapter Board Members, or by tapping into other BHA members in the area:

  • Ensure that local BHA-priority conservation issues in the area are being addressed
  • Ensure that federal-level conservation issues and BHA campaigns are being shared and promoted in the area
  • Plan and execute at least one stewardship event per year with BHA members in the area
  • Plan and execute at least one fundraising event per year for BHA members in the area

These positions are strongly encouraged to host quarterly (or semi-annually) regional in-person or virtual meetings and/or simply communicate digitally with BHA advocates and members in their areas, thereby developing relationships with members, identifying willing and able volunteers and strengthening the leadership pipeline and depth of the Montana Chapter in the process. 

Each Regional Board Member is tasked with securing at least one (1) state-based corporate partner from their respective area per year. Additionally, each regional position is asked to assist in providing periodic social media content related to Montana BHA’s mission.

To Apply:

Send a resume and a letter of interest outlining your conservation involvement, skillset and familiarity with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and the work we do in Montana. Though not a requirement, strong preference will be given for active members with a track record of engagement with the Montana Chapter of BHA. Please include any relevant experiences - either paid or volunteer - as well.

Please email your application materials to [email protected] with subject line "Southwest Montana Board Member." Our Executive Committee will review applications and get back to you.