Rendezvous 2023 Chapter Wild Game Cook-off

The Rendezvous 2023 Chapter Wild Game Cook-off is on at the BHA North American Rendezvous!

Who will challenge the repeat champions the Minnesota chapter for bragging rights and a coveted space on the cook-off’s red stag trophy? Will the Arizona chapter return with a vengeance to reclaim their former glory? Or will the Collegiate team bring the heat again this year after their impressive wild game ramen and Keystone combo that nearly swayed the judges?

If more than 11 chapters sign up (Minnesota is automatically entered via its 2022 cook-off win) there will be a lottery draw to determine participating chapters. One team per chapter is allowed to sign up. 

Sign up your chapter cook-off team here to compete!


When: Saturday, March 18th, 11:00 am

Where: At Missoula County Fairgrounds, the location of the 12th annual BHA Rendezvous in Missoula, Montana

Who: 12 participating chapters (2 chefs per team and 1 team per chapter)

What: A Wild Game Cook-off between participating chapters, judged by an expert panel

Join us this March at the 12th Annual BHA North American Rendezvous to witness this epic battle of the best wilderness chefs and sign up to compete for your chance to be crowned Champion of the North American Wild Game Cook-off!



Cook-off rules, regulations and details:


Cooking tools provided

Camp Chef outdoor grill – 2 burners

#10 Skillet – 1 each

Griddle -1 each

Table – 1 each

Five piece cooking set – 1 each

Cast Iron Pot – 1 each

There are 4 XL Skillets available, first come, first serve on those.



You will be judged on the following criteria with a score of 1-10, (1 being lowest & 10 being highest). Dish with the highest score wins. Judges will decide method of breaking a tie.

  1. Hosting – how you treat the judges 
  2. Dish Presentation – how it looks 
  3. Flavor – speaks for itself 
  4. Represents your Chapter's State – how the ingredients reflect the table fare from your state/s or province
  5. Creativity – speaks for itself 
  6. Workspace cleanliness


  1. Raw ingredients to start (exceptions – home cured meats from wild game, home canned sauces or broths, but these ingredients cannot be the main course)
  2. No precooking or prep work allowed 
  3. No professional chefs 
  4. Main ingredients must be representative of chapter state 
  5. Event is timed, and you must complete dish from start to finish in 1 hour
  6. Only 2 chefs can compete per chapter, with maximum of 12 chapters (one team allowed per chapter). One spot is reserved for 2022 champion Minnesota BHA. 
  7. Must use cooking equipment provided – you can use your accessories, i.e.: knives, forks etc. 
  8. Must provide enough food for 5 judges to sample 
  9. No domestic meat allowed 
  10. Extra points may be given for minimal use of store bought or commercially processed foods
  11. Any chapter team that signs up but does not attend will get pies smashed in their face.
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