Public Easements and Road Vacations: What's at Stake in Park County Wyoming

As hunters and anglers one of the biggest issues facing us today is public access. Knowing where we stand and what our rights are doesn't simply protect us as individuals, it can ensure that access to our public lands doesn't slip from our fingers and disappear. 

A timely example of this is a decision before the Park County Commission in Wyoming right now. Recently a private land owner filed a petition to vacate (eliminate) an easement granting public access to the only road that reaches 160 acres of otherwise landlocked State Lands. Making matters worse are the private road signs leading many to believe that no public access exists where it does. 


On October 31st the Park County Commission will determine whether or not to vacate this public easement (highlighted in yellow below). This public easement is the only thing protecting our access to 160 acres of state lands. If the Park County Commission decides to vacate this easement these public lands will become landlocked. 

This is an important Public Lands access issue and we need sportsmen and women to weigh in. As with most things, this is not a simple us vs. them scenario, the ranch's motivations are not rooted in locking the public out of public lands, but if this petition is successful that is exactly what will happen. This issue comes down to a bridge in disrepair and a funding decision that could cost Park County a lot of money. At stake is public safety, county dollars, ranch operations, and most importantly for us as sportsmen and women and as Public Land Owners - Our Access to Our Public Lands.

It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Park County – these are your public lands and the Commissioners need to hear from you before October 31st.

Please let the Park Commission know that losing access to public lands is a non-starter for sportsmen and women. Urge them to oppose the petitions to vacate this easement and to find another way to address the Ranch's concerns with the bridge. It will only take 5-10 minutes and it will make a difference.

Thank you for lending your voice and standing up for our access to our public lands!

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