Petition for More Hunter Walking Trails

walking trailMN Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has been working hard on a campaign to expand non-motorized hunting opportunities through the expansion of Minnesota's popular, but limited Hunter Walking Trails.  This program ensures Minnesotan hunters have opportunities to hunt undisturbed public lands that offer the same sense of tradition, solitude and challenge that generations of hunters have experienced before us.  Further, public lands managed for quiet, non-motorized use provide some reasonable assurance to foot hunters that their experience will not be disturbed by motorized use. 

MN BHA commends the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for offering sportsmen a choice when they hunt: motorized or non-motorized.  We would like to see this program expanded to provide a better balance of choice available to hunters and to ensure wildlife have the wild habitat needed to grow and thrive.  MN BHA has already developed significant

support for the expansion of this program with close to 200 letters of support and news features in the Pioneer Press' "Outdoors Now."  Now we need your voice behind this effort.

Please take a minute to send a letter to MN DNR Commissioner, Tom Landwehr by email, by clicking here.

You can copy and paste the following text, or better yet, explain why you would personally like to see Minnesota's Hunter Walking Trail Program expanded.

We commend the DNR’s efforts to create Hunter Walking Trails, they protect habitat and provide quality hunting experiences away from motorized disturbance that the majority of MN hunters seek when they go afield.  However, the current distribution of motorized vs. non-motorized state forests greatly under-represents the desires of MN hunters, as only a small portion of state forests are off limits to motorized use.  We ask that the agency work to expand the number of state forests off-limits to motorized use, and increase the number of walking trails.

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