OR BHA Support Oregon Wildlife Council Bill


As hunters and anglers we take extreme pride in our role in the North American model for Wildlife Conservation, and although we are actively engaged in improving our Conservation efforts and building resiliency for the future, we think it is vital to share the story of hunter/angler-funded conservation and the concept of Wildlife and wild places as public-trust resources with the greater public. This year, Oregon HB 3187 sets out to educate all Oregonians on the wealth of natural resources we all share, how they are managed in the public trust and how that management is funded. 

Especially if we succeed in securing broad-based funding for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (more on that here), our outdoor heritage demands that hunters and anglers lead by example. Help us show our fellow Oregonians just how much we care about our #Publiclands, waters and wildlife. 




Tell the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resource you support HB 3187!

Listen to Oregon chapter Chair, Ian Isaacson, on The Better Communities Podcast on why hunters and anglers need be better at educating the general public on how conservation is funded.
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