OR BHA Support Broader Funding for ODFW


Hunters and Anglers have taken great pride in funding the North American Model of wildlife conservation and have done so through PR/DJ funds + license and tag sales since 1937. Outdoor recreation, including Hunting and fishing continues to grow, yet our State Game Agencies are chronically underfunded. Oregon HB3328 creates an avenue for every Oregon citizen to invest in the natural resources that furnish our outdoor lifestyle, our heritage and provide the foundation for our economy here in Oregon. This 0.0013% increase to State Revenue would provide the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with the dedicated, broad-based and sustainable revenue they need to:

  • Restore and maintain critical habitat

  • Assess the impacts of climate change and help build climate-resiliency into our systems

  • Grow Oregon’s recreational resources

  • Improve hunting and fishing opportunity

  • Improve access for all Oregonians to experience the natural world as it was intended

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