Chapter Board

Gerry.mauriello.jr.pngGerry Mauriello, Co-Chair

Gerry was born in Central New Jersey and grew up fishing the state’s streams and coastal waters. He fished wherever his bicycle would take him, exploring the coast from Sandy Hook to Island Beach State Park south to Cape May. His father and grandfather were his mentors and helped me develop my life-long love of the outdoors. Later in life Gerry developed a love of hunting, and hopes to pass along his passion to his children, Gianna and Henry. He received a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Mastersin Health Education from Columbia University and Doctorate from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine.In this small and most densely populated state, public land, hunting and fishing access is of paramount importance. Gerry’s eye looks west and longs to explore it’s wonderous landscape, but his heart is here in New Jersey. He is proud to represent the amazing organization that is Backcountry Hunters & Anglers here in the Garden State and is committed to improving access to our public lands, increasing opportunity and passing on the legacy of hunting and fishing.

mike.adams.pngMike Adams, Co-Chair

Mike is an outdoor writer and wildlife professional hailing from southern New Jersey. He grew up between the boundaries of the Pinelands National Reserve and New Jersey’s coastal salt marsh, where he partitioned his time hunting deer, waterfowl, and turkey and fishing both fresh and saltwater. He received his bachelor’s in biology from Stockton University and took up employment with New Jersey Fish and Wildlife shortly after. Now, he bounces around working in wildlife research and management for various state and nonprofit agencies.Mike is the founder and writer for a hunting, fishing, and conservation blog called The Hunting Angle. Through his writing, he advocates on the behalf of wild places and wild things. He believes that America holds landscape and wildlife treasures too great to take for granted.





andy.cavaliere.pngAndy Cavaliere, Vice Chair 

Andy was born and raised in Toms River, NJ. Growing up on the water, his love for the outdoors began with fishing alongside his Father and Uncles on the Barnegat Bay and Island Beach State Park. Andy is an avid angler and although he is no stranger to cooking and preparing game meat, he is still new to hunting. Andy now lives in Jersey City and spends his free time taking trips to the beach or to the woods in pursuit of a wild caught meal. He is passionate about public lands and waters and is eager to work with BHA to preserve these opportunities for residents of New Jersey and for all Americans.




zoran.kish.pngZoran Kish, Secretary 

Zoran Kish is a public land hunter and fisherman living in Forked River.A construction equipment mechanic specializing in generators, Zoran is a self-taught outdoorsman. Upon completion of service in the U.S. Army in his mid-20s, he took up hunting and fishing on his own, learning what he could from books, magazines and trial and error. These days, he fishes for fresh and saltwater species and hunts deer and small game, but his main focus is predators. He hunts coyotes near home and has traveled to Wyoming, Maine and Montana in pursuit of bears, all on public land. Zoran and his wife of 20 years, Rosemary, have two adult children.




jim.miller.pngJim Miller

Jimmy grew up in Morris County, New Jersey, spending most of his time fishing and exploring the outdoors. It wasn’t until later in life when he went to school at Clemson University in South Carolina that he took an interest in hunting. Moving back to the NYC area after school, he spends his free time traveling different parts of the country to hike, hunt, and fish. It became apparent very quickly to him how precious our public lands are after returning home to a part of the country that is so limited and restricted in that resource.




steve.rasimowicz.pngSteve Rasimowicz

Steve was raised in suburban central NJ, but developed a passion for public lands at a youngage, fueled by his weekend excursions to the Delaware Water Gap and the Pocono Mountains with his father and grandfather. From these experiences, Steve was drawn to the rolling farmlands and hardwoods of northwest New Jersey, where he currently resides with his wife, kids and dogs. An accountant by trade, Steve also volunteers as a hunter education instructor and is a self-described “outdoor generalist,” partaking in a multitude of the hunting, fishing and trapping seasons that New Jersey has to offer. In the last few years, Steve’s love of wild places has lead him to explore public lands outside of NJ, hunting and fishing in neighboring New York, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Montana. These experiences have driven Steve to become an even stronger advocate for protecting and preserving our public lands for current and future generations.


adam.paladini.pngAdam Paladini 

Adam is an architectural engineer who developed his love for the outdoors at a young age on the lakes and in the forests of Northern NJ where he grew up. His earliest exposure to public lands and waters was in the form of hiking and camping with the Boy Scouts of America. Fishing the many waterways of Sussex County, became a passion of Adam’s as a child and into young adulthood. With two non-hunting parents, it wouldn’t be until his late twenties when he purchased his first compound bow, became a licensed hunter and discovered the world of bow hunting whitetail deer. Hunting endeavors now include; Turkey, Pheasant, small game, and most recently, waterfowl. Outside of his professional life, Adam has volunteered his time to local land use boards, recreation boards and the historical preservation society with an acute interest in open public space preservation. Adam aspires to one day retire tothe mountains of Alaska with his dog, and a good rifle. And his wife.


greg.koch.pngGreg Koch

Greg Koch is an outdoor photographer whose work includes capturing the fishing and hunting scene in the Northeast, landscapes from his travels, and portraits of people he meets along the way. Greg spent countless hours as a kid hiking and fishing in the Adirondacks where both his passion for the outdoors and photography grew. He received his first camera in high school. It was a 35mm Cannon AE-1 Program that he still has today. After graduating college, Greg worked in various financial roles in New York City while pursuing photography as a hobby. Today, Greg has turned his hobby into a career, and can often be found wading in a river in the Catskills, with both a fly rod and camera in hand.







howard.cumme.pngHoward Cumme

Howie is a CPA from Matawan, NJ. He grew up in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, trapping on local farms, fishing in Canada, and hunting the PA state game lands. He received a bachelor’s in business and a master’s in accountancy from the University of Montana while floating the rivers and exploring and hunting the public lands of Western Montana. After moving to California where he provided accounting, audit, and internal audit services for eighteen years, he moved to Central New Jersey where he now provides accounting services. Happy to be back on the East Coast, he is enjoying reuniting with friends and family at deer camp in Pennsylvania and exploring the Delaware Water Gap and Sandy Hook National Recreation Areas with his three kids. Public lands and public water access have been an important part of his life and he looks to protect these amazing resources for his children and others.





joe.kucowski.pngJoe Kucowski

Joe is an outdoor enthusiast and law enforcement professional hailing from central New Jersey. He grew up in rural Burlington County in an agricultural family where he spent his time farming, hunting deer, upland game, and turkey. He received his bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management from Cook College, Rutgers University and took up employment with the New Jersey State Police shortly after. He spends his time volunteering for nonprofit organizations and is an experienced DIY western hunter. Joe believes in supporting organizations that share a common interest in keeping “Wild Places” wild and accessible to all.





john.provenzale.pngJohn Provenzale

John is a lifelong New Jersey sportsmen. His passion since childhood has been making primitive and traditional archery gear. He hunts big and small game each fall with his hand-crafted equipment. His stories and how-to articles have been published in Traditional Bowhunter and Primitive Archer magazines. He also enjoys fishing, foraging, camping, hiking and taxidermy. John grew up in northwestern New Jersey but now resides in west central New Jersey with his wife and two children. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in wood product science and has worked in the wood products industry intermittently between raising children.  John became involved with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers to ensure that his children would have the opportunity to come to love his treasured public grounds as much as he does and have the opportunity access new wild places decades  from now.




John Nell

“John is an average hunter at best and below average fisherman, but boy does he try…” 

In addition to his love of the outdoors; comedy, hockey, archery and BBQ'ing are some of his additional passions.  He recently achieved his Level 2 Coaching/Instructor Certification from USA Archery and once was also a Sailing Instructor through USA Sailing. With his professional background in technology, John is doing everything in his personal power to encourage and promote a love/passion for the outdoors instead of an addiction to the digital devices in our everyday life. While on an archery trip to Utah, John learned of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers from some of his fellow outdoorsmen from other state chapters and wanted to do his part into starting a chapter in New Jersey. Thankfully, there are other people in The Garden State that love and appreciate the outdoors, and will battle to Keep Public Lands in Public Hands.


john.provenzale.pngShawn Paladini

Growing up in Northern New Jersey and spending his formative years exploring the woods surrounding his parents’ hippie commune, Shawn developed a healthy appreciation for the natural world. Never fully at peace until fireside in the wilderness, Shawn spends as much time as possible hunting, musky fishing, camping, and hiking on the public lands and waters of New Jersey, New York, and Canada. Other interests include musky bait making, playing bass guitar, and video production. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from East Stroudsburg University and, in between his outdoor jaunts, works as a clinical trial manager by day and owner of a small digital production company by night. Now more than ever, our public lands are being threatened and compromised… Shawn joined the BHA to be one more voice in defense of them.



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