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Personal Twitter feed for Backcountry and National Forests Adventurer, Author, Angler, and Advocate Hans Erdman. Member: @bha_mn and @troutunlimited

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We support the federal land managers who commit themselves to the sound stewardship of our public lands and waters.

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"Our Most Important Conservation Program", a new post by @MartinHeinrich Thank you for your support of #LWCF, senat…

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We’re disappointed to learn that six congressman on @NatResources are voicing their opposition to bipartisan #LWCF

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This article is a must read for anyone who considers themselves a hunter, fisherman or conservationist.…

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We stand united with over 200 hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation organization in support of the Land and Wa…

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“ A lot of people may have been taking (public lands) for granted, so this can remind them there are people who wou…

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We think you'll enjoy these stories from the Boundary Waters. #BWCAW #Boundarywaters #publiclandowner

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Thank you @SenatorBurr. We should never have gotten to this point. The fight continues. #publiclandowner

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@bha_mn Habitat Watch Report for the @SuperiorNF and Finland State Forest: 3 visits in 4 weeks. Overall conditions…

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Today marks the beginning of #PublicLandsMonth! Visit to get involved in a host of BHA even…

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@Backcountry_H_A We need to keep an eye on this Stream Access case currently before the court in New York State…

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From national parks to neighborhood parks, the #LWCF works to conserve America’s most valuable resources. Click to…

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.@senbennetco As a member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers who appreciates the importance of quality fish and wildl…

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