Montana AFI Elk 2023

The Montana Armed Forces Initiative hosted five BHA AFI members in an archery elk camp designed to teach Elk biology and management strategy in Montana as well as Elk hunting basics like, habitat, calling, scouting, and identification.


We invited FWP Public Access manager for the region to present on BMA selection and management, how Montana plans for and manages Elk hunting opportunities, navigating the BMA process as a hunter, and how to find elk opportunities through Montana FWPs resources.


 Veteran Mentors instructed participants on September elk behavior, Calling, and habitat identification.  Veterans Mental health councilors briefed the camp on the healing properties of spending time outdoors, and the concept of veterans' adjunct outdoor therapy.


Our attendees left camp with a new appreciation for Montana's hunting heritage, and conservation strategy. This four-day event strengthened the connection between fellow hunters through comradery and a renewed responsibility for a shared resource.  And now as a team, we carry on, continue the mission, and create conservation warriors!


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