MN BHA in the News - July 2013

“Challenge by Choice” by MN BHA Co-Chair David Lien.  Legendary Whitetails Blog: 7/11/13


A Letter to the Editor from MN BHA Co-Chair, Erik Jensen in the 7/5/13 Outdoor News, p. 3


More metro target ranges: good idea for shooting sports


“Ryan Bronson has raised a very important issue to the future of hunting and shooting sports in MN (6/21/13). We absolutely need public shooting ranges near the Twin Cities. In addition to the well-publicized backlog of hunter ed classes looking for places to administer field tests, and increasing interest in high school clay target teams, there are also adults interested in learning to shoot who have no place to go.


“Last year I taught a class at the Seward Co-op in Minneapolis called "Hunting Deer for Food". It was well attended and received, as there is a growing interest in hunting among environmentally concerned urban residents. Hunting is a means of acquiring a low-carbon footprint, free range, humanely harvested, and delicious meat. Myself and a hunting buddy who helped with the class each approached our respective private gun clubs for a shooting day to introduce class participants to firearms and shooting skills. In both cases, we were essentially ignored by our clubs.

“Bronson's argument for Pittman-Roberts funding has a a lot of merit, but we should also be willing to consider other funding sources. A dedicated fee on our hunting licenses could also accomplish this, I would certainly be willing to pay it. However it is funded, the future of hunting and shooting sports in MN depends on range access in the metro.”

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