Meet the New England Chapter Campfire Storytellers

Join the New England Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers for a live storytelling event in Boston!

BHA's Campfire Stories hosted by the New England Chapter and the C.C. Filson store in Boston is guaranteed to entertain and inspire! Tickets ($30) are limitedClick here to get your tickets!

We’ll have a killer lineup of veterans and pros of the public woods and waters of North America spinning their best yarns in Filson’s store in the Seaport of Boston, including:


Jake Bennett


Jake Bennett was born in the Adirondacks and spent most of his childhood in Upstate New York. As soon as he was able to shoulder a gun, he was out chasing small game with his father. His passion for the hunt naturally brought him to hunting turkey and deer, which he will freely admit has reached the level of obsession. Over the past 6 years he has made trips out West to chase elk with his bow and is always thinking and preparing for his next western adventure.









Captain Jarad Lucha

Rhode Island

Jarad has more than 20 years of hunting experience in Narraganset Bay, South Coast Rhode Island, and the surrounding waters in Southern New England. As the owner and guide for Big Game Waterfowl, Jarad guides hunting groups in waters local to Narragansett Bay and Southern Rhode Island. An avid deer hunter from childhood, Jarad expanded his passion for the hunt to waterfowl, embracing the fast pace and additional challenges of hunting on the open water, rivers and streams. Hunting waterfowl is a constant learning experience, and Jarad is passionate about sharing his expertise and techniques with groups of like-minded people.













Christi Holmes


Lifelong Mainer, Christi Holmes is a Registered Maine Guide, outdoor writer, Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, and engineer. Christi founded the group Maine Women Hunters, a community where over 6,000 women network, share experiences, and grow their confidence in the outdoors through group outings. She works with brands including LL Bean, Swarovski Optiks, Old Town Canoes and AFTCO promoting women in the outdoors. She is a volunteer board member for the Sportsman Alliance of Maine, a non-profit lobbying group which works to preserve and enhance outdoor opportunities for sportsmen. 



















Jake Lunsford

New England (for now)

Major Jake Lunsford is a United States Marine currently serving as a National Defense Fellow and Visiting Scholar at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. He has participated in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and East Africa, and has deployed many places in between. He grew up chasing hounds in the swamps and hills of Appalachia and catching catfish on a trot-line. His current outdoor passion is hunting elk, in which he sees more than one similarity to grunt life in the Corps. A native son of the South, he moved to New England in 2021, and has been cold ever since. 






















About Christopher Borgatti

BHA Eastern Policy & Conservation Manager