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Sept. 21, 2023
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 The newest edition of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ magazine is available today

MISSOULA, Mont. – The fall 2023 issue of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ quarterly magazine, Backcountry Journal, is arriving in mailboxes across North America as hunters head into the woods for our favorite time of year. Here are some of the highlights of an issue that pays tribute to the work BHA members are doing as stewards of our public lands and waters.

Archer’s Paradox: Military veteran and author of the hit Backcountry Journal story All the Right Words (Winter 2023), Jake Forrest Lunsford returns, this time with a handcrafted stickbow and exploring the complex emotions that come with getting up close and personal with our quarry – another must-read feature from one of our favorite authors.

Military to Public Lands Protector: BHA member Russell Worth Parker looks at the lives of two military veterans turned game wardens and how they find their callings after service, dedicated to protecting the public lands, waters and wildlife we treasure.

Hunting Through the Triune Brain: BHA member, upland guide and Minority Outdoor Alliance co-founder Durrell Smith considers the motivations and rewards of following a good bird dog in the field in a story that features the author’s original artwork.

BHA Access Wins: Learn how BHA chapters are defending – and expanding – hunting and angling opportunities across North America. In 2023, BHA’s Iowa chapter supported and contributed to three major acquisitions in a state with some of the least public land, where it matters most. In Arkansas, BHA’s chapter successfully executed BHA’s first-ever land purchase, subsequently donated to the state to secure public access in perpetuity.

Feral Horses: BHA member Charlie Booher offers critical insights into the feral horse issue plaguing the West – and what we can do to remedy the problem.

Habitat’s Both Public and Private: BHA member Margie Crisp makes the case for considering private lands in our efforts to protect habitat – in this case for waterfowl – in this well-thought-out opinion piece, told from a South Dakota duck hunt and illustrated with  the author’s artwork and photographs.

And there’s more: Indiana squirrels, Alberta elk, 100-fish days, public land ducks and so much more in the fall 2023 issue of Backcountry Journal.

Backcountry Journal is distributed to BHA members, elected officials and land management agencies. It also is available in a digital flipbook edition, available to members on the BHA website. Join BHA today to get your copy.

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