Friday Night Ties: How To Tie The "White Water Skrull" With Hilary Hutcheson

This week on Friday Night Ties we’re joined by guide and BHA North American Board Member, Hilary Hutcheson, who shows us how to tie her version of the “Turk’s Tarantula” that she calls the “White Water Skrull”. For those of you not up to speed on your Marvel Comics characters, Skrulls are extraterrestrial shapeshifters. They take on characteristics best suited to whatever environment they happen to be in. Hilary’s name for the pattern is fitting.

This particular fly can be drifted like a dry, twitched in the current, swung and stripped like a streamer. Although everyone should probably have a few in their box in various sizes for different conditions, this fly is especially ideal for beginners who are having a hard time getting drag free drifts. Throw this fly in big, fast water and rapids.

Have a pattern and tying video that you'd like to share? Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Materials List:

  • Hook: Standard Dry 8-16
  • Thread: 06 Tan
  • Body: 2mm Foam, poly dubbing in orange with blended polar flash
  • Ribbing: Gold French tinsel or ultralight wire
  • Tail: Amherst pheasant tippets and crystal flash
  • Legs: barred sexy floss, small
  • Indicator: hot pink poly wing
  • Head: natural deer hair
  • Wing: polar flash, calf tail, natural deer hair

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