Field To Table, A New Food Series From BHA

At BHA, we believe food to be an important part of our hunting heritage—a sacred link to the wild world that drives many of us into the mountains, forests and plains of North America. Holding the meat we harvest in such high regard, however, can create some challenges in the kitchen. At times it causes us to play it safe, preparing only a few tried and true recipes that ultimately leads us to miss out on the breadth of dishes wild game affords. Other times, we’re simply left wondering what to cook and how to cook it really well. That’s why we’ve launched “Field to Table,” a new BHA blog.

Along with a host of regular and guest contributors, we hope to empower you to make the most of your wild bounty. In weekly blogs on, we’ll explore everything from butchering and processing, to cooking skills, techniques and recipes. We hope you follow along and that this series helps deepen your relationship with the food you pursue and the lands and waters it comes from.



Latest “Field to Table” features:

A Marinade Formula for Grilling Backstraps by Jesse Griffiths
White Bean and Goose Chili by Randy King
Squirrel Hot & Sour Soup by Jenna Rozelle
How to make roasted Venison Stock by J.R. Young


Few things are as meaningful as sharing a meal that you’ve hunted, harvested, cared for and prepared yourself. If you have a recipe or cooking technique that you’d like to share with your fellow public land owners, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Photo by Christiann Koepke


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I'm the digital media coordinator for BHA. I hunt, fish, hike and work to ensure others have access and opportunity to experience the richness that only wild places can provide.

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