Embers & Ecology: Historical Fires

The dramatic increase in wildfires since 2000 is strikingly obvious in these maps.  And unfortunately, the increase both in number of fires and in area burned only continues to climb.

With our landscapes burning at an unprecedented rate and way outside the historical fire regime, now more than ever we need to be vigilant about human-caused ignitions.  Some hazards such as campfires, tiki torches, charcoal BBQs, fireworks, and liquid fuel candles or lanterns are obvious, but others such as dragging trailer chains, driving or parking motor vehicles (including ebikes), in dry vegetation might not occur to everyone.  Basically, if it can make a spark, or produces high heats, it can start a wildfire.

Be careful out there, let’s do what we can to reduce human-cause ignitions this fire season. 

Report burn-ban violations and receive a reward through our Embers and Ecology program

Maps created by Kevin Nielsen

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