Embers & Ecology: How to Report Burn Ban Violators



Verified reports will be rewarded a free 1 year membership to BHA and a $50 gift card to the BHA store!

This summer could be one of the worst fire seasons on record.  With an already record-breaking number of fires to burn this early in fire season, and hotter and drier weather expected to continue, a state of emergency has been declared through September 30 prohibiting most outdoor burning.

As backcountry hunters and anglers, we spend a lot of time outside on public lands. Through or Embers & Ecology program, the Washington Chapter of BHA is asking you keep an eye out for burn ban violations and report them.  By stopping an illegal campfire or other violation, you could be preventing the next human-ignited wildfire.

The WA Chapter’s new Embers & Ecology initiative lets members and non-members report illegal campfire or other burn ban violations to the proper authorities. For those reports that are successfully verified, a reward is granted! Just follow these steps:

  1. Report violations to WA DNR Wildfire Dispatch 800-562-6010 and report immediate fire emergencies to 9-1-1

  2. Send an email to [email protected] with your name, when & where the report was called into, a report number given to you by dispatch, and your contact info

  3. After we’ve verified your report as successful, we’ll contact you with the reward!


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