Edwards Creek Project Update

On October 21, BHA Nevada Chapter volunteers assisted NDOW staff in a vital project to restore fencing around the springs that feed Edwards Creek, which provides water and critical riparian habitat for the northeast area of Nevada's Desatoya Mountains. The project involved removing old posts and barbwire, and constructing 3-rail Bison fencing around the site, which still contained legacy chokecherry, alders, and native brush. The steel Bison fence will be more durable and allow for the recovery of forage plants by eliminating heavy feral horse and cattle pressure and reducing soil compaction. The newly fenced area will provide significant habitat improvements for deer, antelope, sheep, sage hen, and chukar, among many other plants and animals.



The project was near the recently designated Desatoya Wilderness, and remote enough that all the Bison fencing had been flown in by helicopter. After removing what remained of the old fence, BHA volunteers positioned all the steel components that make up the fence and were able to construct about 2/3 of the new fencing before calling it a day. When NDOW returned a few days later, having the materials staged by BHA volunteers made it possible for them to finish the project. 


About Ernie Thompson

Ernie is a lifelong Nevadan who loves exploring new mountain ranges, and still feels like a kid whenever his arthritis lets up. When he's not tripping on rocks and sagebrush between glassing sessions, Ernie resides in Reno with his wife and two children.

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