Oregon BHA

Led by co-chairs Ian Isaacson and Tristan Henry, the Oregon Chapter of BHA successfully advocated for pragmatic alternatives to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s proposed changes for the 2022 hunting regulation cycle and secured backcountry hunting opportunities while applying science-based management to protect and enhance our public resources. This was possible only after much time and chapter investment, including months of conversations with a diverse array of community stakeholders and partners across the state of Oregon. Through these conversations and efforts to educate and involve members of the public, the Oregon chapter leadership played a pivotal role in the development and adoption of the Eagle Cap Backcountry Zone, keeping Oregon’s single largest wilderness hunting opportunity intact during archery elk season.

The Oregon chapter has also led opposition against a proposed Oregon ballot initiative - Oregon Initiative Petition 13 - which threatens the existence of hunting and fishing in the state. This extreme initiative would criminalize throwing a line in the water and families putting meat on their tables.

The chapter also partnered with Wallowa Mountains Hells Canyon Trails Association on two trail clearing projects in Wallowa County, Oregon. Along with seven long-eared mules, OR BHA leadership, members and local stakeholders logged and brushed through over 11 miles (four of which were within Eagle Cap Wilderness) to ensure future wilderness users' safe access to northeast Oregon’s beautiful and bountiful landscapes.

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