California and Nevada BHA

California and Nevada put on a heckuva show this past month with Beer, Bands, and Bitterbrush Strands!

When the event welcome speech closes with “one more question, does anyone want to help blood trail a bear?” you know you’re in for a great weekend. Beer, Bands, & Bitterbrush Stands brought together hunters, conservationists, vegans, and volunteers from three generations to build community while working to restore habitat for mule deer, pronghorn, upland game birds, pollinator species and more. This event was the culmination of several years of planning and preparation, and involved planting bitterbrush plugs on public lands that were grown through the Sagebrush in Prison Program, as well as restoring plants of cultural significance to the Washoe Tribe.

This project only came to fruition because of the dogged efforts of these chapters. We salute your guys' hard work and dedication!

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