BHA Podcast & Blast, Episode 33: Rachel VandeVoort, Director of the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation

Rachel VandeVoort is a native of Whitefish, Montana, with four generations of family history in Montana. She is also director of the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation. With a background working for Kimberand in the ski industry, no one could be better suited for this job. Hal goes to Whitefish to talk with Rachel about being a parent of wild outdoor children, outdoor jobs and the outdoor economy, guns, fishing and hunting on public lands. The outdoor economy in Montana alone is responsible for 71,000 jobs – and nationally, outdoor recreation powers an $887 billion economy. Ironically, given the importance of public lands, public access, clean air and clean water, and fish and wildlife conservation to this economy, we are living at a time when they are under attack. The outdoor recreation economy might be the largest economy on the planet that does not demand political representation. That is changing right now. 

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