BHA Podcast & Blast, Episode 15: Ryan Busse, BHA Board Chair

"We have people challenge us, saying we're elitists and green decoys, saying we're fakers and fronts for something. I say come to our Rendezvous. Throw a nickel in the air. If it doesn't land on a badass with a story that will humble you, I'd be shocked."--Ryan Busse >> Join us at this year's BHA Rendezvous, April 12-14th, in Boise, Idaho! 

Hal Herring sits down with Ryan Busse, BHA National Board Chair. Busse lives in Kalispell, Montana and he's an avid fisherman, bird dog lover, and elk chaser.
They discuss BHA’s contagious energy, raising conservation-minded kids, wandering the country alone, gerrymandering, natural resource issues in modern politics, the economic value of public lands, voting against our own self-interests, dreams of a new political life, Hal's suspicions of the liberal left, and much more. 

Watch Ryan Busse take on the Bundy crew here. 

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